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February has been an extraordinary month for 7steps
The 2-day 7steps Explosion workshops – from Brazil to Japan – have certainly activated more flawless communication around the world.

The capacity of these 7steps to get you in touch with you is evident to everyone who participates in the classes. Now more and more people are choosing to not only participate, but also to teach the steps to others.

Big shout out to new 7steps Prelude teachers :
Ana Imhof
Cristiane Rodrigues
Priscila Kasmanas

If you would like more information about the 7steps Teachers Program, please email us at team@7steps.us.

What’s new?
7steps to Abundance in business
This is about a different prospect idea on business and how to BE the invitation for others to expand beyond existing parameters of business. 

Advanced training workshops with the 7steps to Abundance in business are available both live and online for anyone who has attended the 7stepsExplosion class live in the last 5 months.

From business training to public speaking, from coaching to parenting, these new classes with 7steps open up a new world of possibilities.

Pricing & Gifts
News: in 2020 a repeat price gift of 50% off is available for those who have taken the 2-day 7steps Explosion workshop in the last 12 months.

If you would like to follow a 2-day class online, look for a Prelude Teacher and a stream party somewhere around the world.

Next 2-day class is in March 14&15, live from Rome.

More information on workshops, pricing and special gifts is communicated on the free monthly catch up calls – 27th of every month.

Here are some photos to enjoy the magic!

Upcoming Classes in Rome!

March 13 – 7steps Preludelive and online.
March 13 – Access Your Communication Genius Introlive and online.
March 14&15 – 7steps Explosion 2-day workshop, live only. This is the only 7steps Explosion workshop in Europe in the next 6 months.

If you missed my latest Coffee with Kass, 7steps to Flawless Communication in Relationships, here is the YouTube video.

I would love to see you for one or all of these amazing classes in the beautiful city of Rome.
Come celebrate the beginning of Spring with me in the eternal city. What can we create together and for this beautiful planet?

7steps Classes Around the World

March 13 – 7steps Preludelive and online.
March 14&15 – 7steps Explosion 2-day workshop, live only.

April 16 – 7steps Book Presentation live and online.
April 17 – 7steps Preludelive and online.
April 18&19 – 7steps Explosion 2-day workshop, live only.

Saudi Arabia:
June 17 – 7steps Intro class live and online.
June 22 & 23 – 7steps Explosion 2-day workshop, live only.

I wait for you!

Kass Thomas

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Celebrating every moment and expanding possibilities

As for every American, Thanksgiving is probably the most important day of the year.  For me, it is something very special.

Seven years ago, in 2012, I transformed my annual Thanksgiving celebration from a relatively small dinner with 14 people to an explosive party of possibilities with around 60 people. My mother had passed away a month before and my father had passed away in the same month, two years prior.

What I realize is that life is about living and celebrating every moment. Celebrating those who have had a life, those who will have another one, and every moment that we choose to be alive on this planet.  So what this end-of-the-year season has become for me is not an ending, but a beginning of possibilities for a different perspective. An end of the separation between the past, present and future.

When we stop considering life on this planet as a limitation with a beginning, middle and end we open up a space of new possibilities. 

Even the most simple things like a dinner can inspire this change. For example, I never thought I would ever be able to prepare a dinner for 60 people by myself.  As soon as I was willing to get rid of my point of view about that and the right way to do it, or the wrong way to do it, I was able to create a yearly event that continues to go beyond anything I would have ever imagined.

What impression of the past are you using to create a future of limitations? How much does that separate you from a future that opens up streams of possibilities?

If you approach the future in a different way, how much would it enrich your life and contribute to your fun factor? 

If you’re willing to change your point of view of what you consider a setback, you will open up a new space of possibilities. Are you willing to increase your vision and expand your possibilities?

From that space, I would like to invite you to join me in the new year and explore a larger vision of what you are capable of that you may not have yet considered.

Kass Thomas

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Tales from the Golden Planet

One of  the things I love most about teaching this class is that I get to talk to people about ending separation and reigniting oneness.

I engage with the Golden Planet – a magical place from 4 trillion years ago, described by Gary Douglas – to invite the world to recognize that separation is an invention and a lie and that communion with all things and all people is the truth of who we truly are.

These Tales from the Golden Planet classes identify the implants that trigger the auto-response of separation. 

Once we have identified these triggers and implanted points of view, we begin to easily recognize them when they show up in our daily lives.

In fact, I bring up specific examples from our everyday lives in order to demonstrate that precious “moment of choice” when we can either choose oneness and communion or revert to separation. 

These practical examples illuminate how well we are entrained to assuming a defensive posture instead of the potency that vulnerability (no defensive barriers) truly is. Defensive posture is part of this polarized reality and leaves little or no space for love, kindness or gratitude. 

Just reading this, or asking a question about what else is possible, can encourage our capacities for communion and oneness to reawaken.

There is so much more that unites us than separates us. 

Would you be willing to give up the implanted points of view that keep separation in place?

Is it time to know what we have always known and be who we have always been?

What change can we affect here on planet Earth by simply remembering and reclaiming our abilities to perceive, know, be and receive all?

Is now the time?

Kass Thomas

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A Woman’s Perspective: How To Be Aware of Your Financial Status

What will it take for you to be financially aware?

I have had many conversations lately about the need for women to be financially aware. The only way that we can productively employ our finances is if we are aware of their existence, their capabilities and the opportunities they can open up for us.

Money is a creation that leads to possibilities. It is an opportunity creator. It allows us to purchase things, create a larger social status, as well as complete our deepest materialistic desires. What we choose to surround ourselves with reflects our inner selves, and so the materials that we choose to buy with money is a conscious decision that we make. This is all possible when we take control of our finances, i.e. money, and create these possibilities.

Money also allows us to make more money. Doesn’t that sound awesome? It’s like if Alladin rubbed the lamp and made a wish to have more wishes! Money allows us to expand itself, only if we have the tools to be aware of it and direct it onto the most contributive avenues. In simple words, we can invest our money into those possibilities that lead us to make more money so we can be a contribution to our lives and to a world we know is possible but that has not yet been realized. The more money we are willing to have and create the more money we can use to invite the world to different possibilities.

So how can we increase this potential, for our personal growth and for the world at large? The first step to achieving this is to become more aware of money and our finances. This is divided into the money we have, the money we need to spend and the money we desire to have.

What is the money we have and are earning?

The money we have is simply, our savings, and the incoming flow of cash.

If you have a family, then be aware of what your partner’s earnings and savings are too, or if you share an open relationship with more members of the family, be aware of the rest of your family’s savings and earnings.

Get an idea of exactly what amount you earn. This may sound like something you are already aware of, but it never hurts to take another look at it. Check your bank and investment statements, check your salary and check your savings. Sometimes it so happens that we depend upon other people to review our statements. That is fine, but check them yourself as well, this allows you to take control of the situation at any given moment, if required.

What is the money we need to spend?

In our lives there are certain things we need to account for, the unavoidable expenses.
As human beings we need a house to live in, food to eat and water to drink, as well as clothes to wear and other important expenditures.
Make a note of all the necessary expenses you have, and how you take it out of your earnings and your savings. Things like rent, electricity, clothes and grocery items will be common.

As soon as you make an account of this, you are making your mind aware of where your basic money is going. You are making your body aware that the work it does is for a reason. The next time you eat your food, or watch TV, you will be aware that this is a direct result of the work you have done, of the money you have earned.

What is the money we want to spend?
The items in this category are simply, our desires.
On what luxuries do we want to spend our hard-earned money?

Maybe a meal in a renowned, expensive restaurant, or that Gucci bag you have been eyeing for a while.
It is very important to spend money on what you want and desire. Life is not just about the bare necessities, but also the pleasures of material gains. We should look into the patterns of how we do or do not give into these desires, and again, be aware of them.

Once you have answered these questions, you need to think about how you will be answering these questions in the future. Simply put, you need to make a plan as to:
(i)  How much you want to earn
(ii)  How much you need to spend on necessities
(iii) How much you choose to spend on your wants and luxuries

Decide on  set amount that you need for necessary expenditures. Decide on a set amount you choose to spend on your wants. And finally, this will lead you to the amount you choose to save. This is being truly aware of your finances. The next step is how to make your savings multiply into more savings.But this will never be possible until you know how much you save, or until you take control and decide how much you choose to save.

What are the possibilities of choosing how much money you can save, and turning it into more money?

Kass Thomas

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The 7steps to Success in Your Business

Every great business has a story. The first seed that is planted into the entrepreneur’s mind can flourish into a successful company with the right tools and focus. So, we have come here to ask you: What will it take for you to start your business?
This question can be divided further into 7 questions, your 7steps to Success with your business:
Why, who, for whom, what, when, where and how. Sound simple enough? These simple questions have the capacity to facilitate a thorough exploration of what your business has the capacity to become, so that you both can fly and glide the winds of change and reach for the sky and beyond.
Let us begin.
Go through the questions at least five different times. Use a booklet to write down your responses to each question, and leave enough space after each question, so you can go back and write the next round of responses under each question. Leave about 5 spaces for each question. Try to fill in a new space for each question without letting the previous answers influence the new one. This helps you test the limits, possibilities, and creativity of your own mind. It will be quite interesting to see how often your new responses align with the old ones, and how often new awarenesses pop up that expand your initial perspective.

Rule #1: HAVE FUN
  1. Why?
Why do you want to start this business?
What is your inspiration and motivation for starting this? 
(Please note this can be economic, spiritual, emotional, intellectual. Please do not try to have an “honorable” motivation – that is a judgement and a violation of rule #2.)
Simply write down the first things that come to mind. See if you can write down at least 3 responses.
2.  Who?
Who will work in this business? 
Will you? 
Will others?
Who are those others? 
Even if you don’t know their names yet, what are the talents and characteristics of the people who would be a contribution? What does the business require (activities, talents, roles, expertise)? 
Sometimes you need a person with a certain title to be on board, one of the founding members, or an ambassador for the company, in order to give the business a level of prestige, it requires to make an impact. That could be a famous psychologist or a Nobel peace prize winner, depending on the business. Who will be involved is a great question. Write down at least 7 names or titles or talents or a combination of each.
3. Whom?
For whom is the business? Who is the customer?
Who would benefit most from the services or products you plan to offer? 
What demographics do they have?
4. What?
What is the business about? 
What exactly is the product or service?
What makes it unique? 
What do you see it creating in the industry or world?

5. When?
Is now the time to launch the business? Or is it in the future?
Why is now or then the perfect timing to open the business?
How long will it last? Is it a temporary project?
What phases will it have?
When does each phase begin and end?
Often, how much time something takes is not relevant, but timing can be a great key to success.

6. Where?
Does it have a physical location?
Is it an online business?
Is the “where” you have decided an advantage or a limitation?
Might this be a pilot project in one location that then expands into multiple locations?
7. How?
How will you start, get the word out, activate the functionality of the business, and move it to success?
What’s the plan and with each step what are the alternatives in case you encounter roadblocks?
These questions can be your 7steps to Success as they invite you to look at the business from a 360° approach.
You can also play with the sequence of the steps, changing the order in which you ask yourself these questions. You will discover how they feed into one another to create a more complete picture, a more flexible business plan, or a more accurate mission statement. For example: “how” you get the business moving will also be influenced by “who” will be working in the business, “when” and “what” their skills are.
Look at these questions one by one to begin with. Then go through them again, without referring to your previous answers. By the third round, you will see what a gift it is and how much more clarity you gain on your responses. You will be able to explore new possibilities which reveal themselves with each round of responses.
And here we come to the final part of this exercise.
We have discussed all the relevant questions to determine the business internally. But here are two other factors to take into consideration:
  1. How will the business affect you personally?
  2. How will the business affect external factors, i.e., the world, the people in your life, and similar businesses)?
In what priority would you like to place the above two factors? Go back and give one final round of responses to each of the questions with these factors in mind and see how your perception transforms!
When you already have a business, it is also important to recognize when it is time for a change, and these questions can help you ascertain that too. Sometimes we start a business and have collaborators that are very good at start-ups. At a certain point, a change in collaborators may be required in order to move the business to the next phase, new people with different talents that get the business going on a different level. And, often, it is important to recognize when it is time to close the business, start a new business, or expand the business.
These are all different energies, and it is important to ask questions at each step of the way to know whether you should move forward, maintain, or change tracks.
Business and entrepreneurial activity is an ever changing and dynamic endeavor. Are you ready to have more ease and clarity about which direction you desire to take?

Try the 7steps to Success and see what innovation or even confirmation they can bring to you and your business.

Kass Thomas

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Women, Finance and Awareness: Planning for the Future

What does it take to empower women completely?

Equal employment opportunities, equal pay, the right to vote, and many other things come to mind when I ask this question. These things, in addition to empowering women to create a more secure financial future, they also generate more for the world at large.

So, how can we create more for the world at large by empowering women?

The most important step is to increase awareness. By informing themselves about their financial situation, women can have more awareness which always brings about greater possibilities and more choice.

Inevitably, there are many factors that are not immediately in our control, but there are also many others that are within our control. If we are willing to investigate them and stay informed, we can work with both of these, some short term, some long term. Let me give some examples:

Factors that are NOT in our immediate control:

How does society progress?
Society progresses when someone takes a stand. There was a woman who put her foot down and demanded the right to vote. Another woman demanded to work and earn her own money. Another one demanded to be given the right to study.

It is when we speak up and make our desires known, that society progresses and makes a change for the better.

But this process is not always as easy as it might seem, and it takes time to make these changes; and a lot of blood, sweat, and tears. So, these are factors that are not in our
immediate control.

Things like equal pay and equal employment opportunities take some effort. We are working toward making these a reality, but we are not quite there yet.

What about factors that ARE in our immediate control?

It is just a matter of being aware that makes all the difference in the world.
Are you aware of your economic status?
Are you aware of your investments or investment potential?
Are you aware of the competitive value of your current salary? (i.e. what a man would be paid in your place.)

Are you aware of all your household expenditures, loan repayments, mortgage payments, and others? (Even if someone else is currently handling that for you.)

It is crucial for women to explore the answers to all these questions. These factors are in our control, and they are the first steps to maximizing our wealth. We must be aware of the responses to these questions if we desire to secure our financial future.

Women are not truly empowered until they are aware and in control of their own finances.

Finance, or money, is the purchasing power that an individual has. It is the capacity for us to buy what we want, invest how we want, and even transform that money into more wealth. It is crucial for women to have financial independence, in order to be able to make their own
decisions and secure a future for themselves and their family. When we blindly depend upon others, like our husbands or families, we transfer that responsibility to them and give up our power. Reclaiming financial awareness does not mean you don’t trust your family, it means that
you trust yourself and are willing to be an active contribution to the family and to the world.

Now that we have identified some specific ways to activate financial awareness and security for the future for ourselves, it is important to look at the bigger picture:

What will it take to achieve the economic rise of women globally?
How many women take up top management positions across the globe?
Is this number enough?

Once, I went to a meeting organized by a banker for a group of women. We spoke about women, banking, and finance. She was giving us statistics about the percentage of women who occupied positions in top management across the globe. She also happened to mention a research study that claimed that the more women occupy top management positions, the more this increases economic growth and opportunities for the world. This tells us, the world has
recognized the contribution women can be to it, it is time that we realize it as well.

To give a small example of the economic contribution that women can be, think about it like this:
If the workforce consisted solely of men, and NO women, that would give the economy half the hu-manpower, half the skills, half the possibilities, and half the opportunities.

Is now the time for women to reclaim their financial power, and thereby increase the economic potency and potential for the world?

Let’s start with gaining more individual financial awareness, becoming informed about our own situation. Then, let’s continue exploring what progress in society we can contribute by staying informed and asking questions, so that we can discover new possibilities and make different
choices for a greater economic world future.

Ready to start today? What is the one action you can take today to move toward creating a more secure financial future right away?

Kass Thomas

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Destiny or choice? It is all up to you

I had a déjà vu. When I arrived home in Rome at the end of July – after two months of travel and working really hard – I was super excited to start a month-long journey with my husband, having some ease, joy and glory together. V-A-C-A-T-I-O-N! 

The last time we had so much time together was in the Spring of this year. Right before Easter, I reached home really looking forward to a 7-week journey with him. Our plan was to have 10 days in Rome and then travel to South Africa on safari for two weeks to celebrate our first 20 years of marriage.

This time, in August, our plan was to stay in Italy and enjoy this Italian lifestyle vacation: having fun in Rome with friends, before heading to the seaside to play tennis and hang out with the family a bit and go everyday to the beach together. 

What do you know about projections and expectations? 
Do we allow them to lead us down the road of separation, judgment and rejection?

Last time, in the Spring, on my first day home, we went on a motorbike ride in the morning through Rome. It’s called “a Roman ride”. Then my hubby went off to play tennis in the afternoon and we had planned an evening “Roman ride” later that day. The best-laid plans…

Instead of going out on an evening ride as planned, he came home in pain and was blocked on the couch with an ice pack on his right calf. He had hurt his leg while playing tennis. Oops! He went for two or three echographies and finally we discovered that what they had originally diagnosed as a pulled muscle turned out to be a venal thrombosis. This prevented him from being able to travel by plane for two months.

So, we had to cancel our anniversary trip to South Africa. No safari, no vacation. It was seven long weeks of nervousness and fear about the vein causing a cardiac arrest and perhaps killing him. Thankfully, that worked out well: he didn’t die, and now that venal thrombosis is gone. 

This time, 3 months later, hubby was playing tennis, as my flight was landing in Rome. Our plan was that he would finish playing, stop to pick up some goodies for dinner, and get home in time to meet me with some fresh fish and yummy Italian white wine – the perfect way to celebrate the beginning of our Summer vacation together in our beautiful garden. We had dinner, alright, that’s a given in Italy, but it was not exactly what we expected.

You see, he got home a little later than expected, not because he had stopped to pick up something for dinner, but because he had spent an hour in the locker room at the tennis club with an ice pack on his ankle. He had twisted the ankle on his left leg. He spent the next few days busy trying to squeeze in an appointment for an echography.

That first night home, as I was putting ice on his ankle, I was EXHAUSTED, and he was in PAIN and SAD and CRANKY.

Let’s just say it was not exactly the start to the vacation that we were anticipating.

We started remembering last summer when he had a similar situation, during our vacation together in August at the seaside. He had been playing tennis and got an ankle injury, and had a few weeks of pain and suffering. We actually had to cut our vacation short.

That memory lead us to other memories. I remembered our very first vacation together, over 20 years prior, when I was still living in New York. Before getting on the plane to come see me, he hurt himself and came to New York limping with crutches!!! He too began remembering other times when his ankle or leg had been hurt around vacation time. 

Hmmmm. Were we noticing a pattern here or were we feeding the fires of drama and trauma?

It’s so interesting how we start going back over the past, compiling data to come up with a decision: maybe vacation together is not such a healthy idea.

The funny thing is, this is not about me. Where is he in the equation? He is the one suffering, and all I could think about in those 10 seconds during that first night home was “WHY ME?“ 

Take a deep breath and count to ten.

The next morning, thanks to my positive nature, my years of living as the question and working with the tools of Access Consciousness, and, let’s face it, a good night’s sleep, we started off on a different foot, no pun intended.

I also (finally!) started using the tools of Access and asking lots of questions and opening up some different possibilities.

I did some energetic body work on his ankle, and, since he is admittedly an alchemist with his body, he started shifting stuff too in his mind and then body. 

I asked these questions:
“What is right about this that I am not getting?”
“What is the lesson here?”
“What about him?”
“What energy, what space, what consciousness and what choice can I be and engage, that will create more here?”
“What if I was willing to go with the flow and truly allow ALL of life to come to me with ease and joy and glory?”
“Would that speed up the recovery? Or eliminate the drama and pain?”

It is so interesting how future projections can lead us down a road of blame, shame, regret, and guilt when it doesn’t turn out as we expect…

These are all the ways we are distracting ourselves from living in the present moment and moving forward and creating more, no matter what.

Is it our point of view, our perspective, that creates the reality that we live?
Do we allow our projections and expectations to influence how we see the world and live our lives?
Are we willing to always look on the bright side of life no matter what manifests in our lives?
Can we simply be grateful that we are still alive and able to have a perspective?  

It truly is just a choice.

Kass Thomas

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Discovering Your Senses – Smell

Sniff, sniff… ah the sense of smell. What a primary sense this is! Have you ever acknowledged the beauty and the gift that the sense of smell is? Can you imagine your life without it?

Let’s see what rich possibilities this exploration of the sense of smell can open up in our lives. 

To begin with, I would like to acknowledge that this sense – like the other traditional 4 senses of taste, touch, hearing and sight – has a variety of functions. Did you know the sense of smell is capable of identifying seven types of sensations? Just as a curious fact, these sensations are put into the following categories: camphor, musk, flower, mint, ether, acrid, or putrid.

Coupled with all our other senses, traditional and not, the sense of smell has been used as a survival mechanism for centuries, a primary resource in guiding us to safety and alerting us to danger. At the same time, the ability of this sense of smell to trigger different responses and activate natural instincts allows it to lead us into a state of bliss.

Try this exercise. Just sit for a moment and sense what response the following smells provoke in you:

the smell of your favorite dish; 
the smoke coming from a cigarette; 
the smoke coming from a chimney;
the smoke coming from a chemical factory;
the aroma of a rose; 
the smell of chlorine in a pool;
a whiff of a breeze coming from the sea; 
fresh baked cookies;
burnt toasts; 
the smell of wet grass and soil after the rain.

The response would be different for everyone. In fact, this exercise is a great way to access your pure perception of these smells, without the interference of mental associations that physical environments often invoke. You see a whole series of projections and judgements, which have nothing to do with the actual smells you are experiencing, and that can influence how you feel about a certain smell.

When we associate certain smells with certain people, places or experiences, it leads us into categorizing our experiences and limits the possibilities this sense of smell can offer us. We begin reducing every encounter with a smell into two choices: good or bad, yes or no, right or wrong, likes and dislikes, attraction or repulsion, stinky or good smelling. But what if we were really willing to explore the subtleties of this sense? Would we be able to access the wisdom and intuition that this sense of smell has helped us develop over the centuries?
Migrant populations, for example, would wander in the mountains or in the forest looking for water or for food. The sense of smell enabled them to choose in what direction to travel, when to settle in different territories geographically, close to the sea, close to a river, close to a place where the earth was fertile, so that they could actually grow food for eating, have drinking water, and increase the possibilities for future living and expansion.

Also dogs, trained nowadays for hunting, use their sense of smell to guide them. How closely related are we, as living beings, to the ancient populations and the modern day animals who utilize this amazing sense for survival? With all of the resources available to us as human beings, could we go beyond survival to thrival, if we were willing to extend the application of this sense even further, to explore the possibilities of the 5 senses and beyond?

What do you know about scents and the smells that travel through the air? What information in addition to the initial yes and no, I like it or a I don’t like it could you receive?

There are so many smells that seem putrid, for example, that may be an indication of what the Earth is reacting to. If we are willing to be aware of a smell, could our awareness and observation possibly interact with it in a way that would actually influence the toxic or non toxic nature of chemicals being exuded? Can we change the elements by being willing to acknowledge the components of the smell and thereby transform them?

These are highly sensitive questions. What power does our awareness, recognition and observation have? What possibilities can we open up with an enhanced sense of smell that will create a different future in the world?

Kass Thomas

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