What’s new about 7steps

February has been an extraordinary month for 7steps
The 2-day 7steps Explosion workshops – from Brazil to Japan – have certainly activated more flawless communication around the world.

The capacity of these 7steps to get you in touch with you is evident to everyone who participates in the classes. Now more and more people are choosing to not only participate, but also to teach the steps to others.

Big shout out to new 7steps Prelude teachers :
Ana Imhof
Cristiane Rodrigues
Priscila Kasmanas

If you would like more information about the 7steps Teachers Program, please email us at team@7steps.us.

What’s new?
7steps to Abundance in business
This is about a different prospect idea on business and how to BE the invitation for others to expand beyond existing parameters of business. 

Advanced training workshops with the 7steps to Abundance in business are available both live and online for anyone who has attended the 7stepsExplosion class live in the last 5 months.

From business training to public speaking, from coaching to parenting, these new classes with 7steps open up a new world of possibilities.

Pricing & Gifts
News: in 2020 a repeat price gift of 50% off is available for those who have taken the 2-day 7steps Explosion workshop in the last 12 months.

If you would like to follow a 2-day class online, look for a Prelude Teacher and a stream party somewhere around the world.

Next 2-day class is in March 14&15, live from Rome.

More information on workshops, pricing and special gifts is communicated on the free monthly catch up calls – 27th of every month.

Here are some photos to enjoy the magic!

Upcoming Classes in Rome!

March 13 – 7steps Preludelive and online.
March 13 – Access Your Communication Genius Introlive and online.
March 14&15 – 7steps Explosion 2-day workshop, live only. This is the only 7steps Explosion workshop in Europe in the next 6 months.

If you missed my latest Coffee with Kass, 7steps to Flawless Communication in Relationships, here is the YouTube video.

I would love to see you for one or all of these amazing classes in the beautiful city of Rome.
Come celebrate the beginning of Spring with me in the eternal city. What can we create together and for this beautiful planet?

7steps Classes Around the World

March 13 – 7steps Preludelive and online.
March 14&15 – 7steps Explosion 2-day workshop, live only.

April 16 – 7steps Book Presentation live and online.
April 17 – 7steps Preludelive and online.
April 18&19 – 7steps Explosion 2-day workshop, live only.

Saudi Arabia:
June 17 – 7steps Intro class live and online.
June 22 & 23 – 7steps Explosion 2-day workshop, live only.

I wait for you!

Kass Thomas

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