Bring your ideas to life

Have you ever had a really great idea that never went beyond the thought phase?

Maybe an idea about a way to make money, or a new hobby, project or business?

What is it that makes us stop at the thought phase? Perhaps because we forgot about it, or got busy or distracted by other pressing things, or possibly because we don’t think we had the economic means or the skills to carry it out.

If we don’t take the idea beyond the initial thought phase, meaning mention it to someone, share it in a meeting or at least write it down, then we might never get a chance to experience the brilliance of our ideas.

Once in a while those ideas get developed and become successes.

But more often than not, we go beyond the thought phase and share an idea with someone or even write it down.

But how often do we get start and then abandon it midstream.

What if you could test out your ideas in a friendly and energized environment and have clarity about which ideas to move forward with, and which ideas need re-organizing, or more time?

When you don’t take your ideas forward, they don’t go away, they just move on with the wind to someone else’s creations. How many times have you had an idea and then saw it realized, manifested in someone else’s life or business or world?

So, what ideas do you have that it may now be time to bring to life?

Be willing to recognize your creative capacities, by sharing and exploring some of the ideas that come to you, having a discussion about them and seeing what else might be possible that you have not yet imagined then you can begin drafting, creating and choosing based on what works. You get more clarity and when you work in a phase by phase mode you can always adjust it or change it when it doesn’t work. The important thing is to START.

Where to start:

1. Idea – acknowledge it, write it down.

2. discussion – articulate it, talk about it with someone you trust

3. draft scenario– write down a couple of ways the idea might work, a flexible format whatever comes to mind, even an image

4. production – if it still inspires you, look for some ways to develop it (where, when, how, with whom: activate the organigram, the steps and the flow,

5. diffusion – get it out there, share it, go viral

6. analysis – see what the effects are, what it is creating

7. revision – adjust or continue on the same road if it is working

This is actually how we could live our lives in a more enjoyable and productive way.

What if your particular brand of magic, the way you would actualize that idea is a gem the world is waiting to behold?

Is it time to share your gifts with the world?

Bring your dreams to life!

By Kass Thomas

If you would like to know more about bringing your dreams to life and project development please join me for Dancing with Riches, a pragmatic and revolutionary approach to business and project development which is inspiring clarity and unique creations in the world

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