7steps to flawless communication

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What is 7steps?

Transforming ordinary encounters into an explosion of infinite possibilities

7steps by Kass Thomas is a unique approach to communication designed to optimize your success when it comes to relating to others with ease.
Through a series of interactive workshops and training programs this approach guides you, step by step, to discover many different ways to create a flow in your interactions.
Whether it be interpersonal communications, group encounters, public speaking or digital and online presence, these steps provide the key to establishing authentic connection first with yourself, and then with everyone and everything around you.

Where do I start?  

• Reading the best seller book,  7steps to Flawless Communication , authored by Kass Thomas.
Available in over 15 languages, the book has a homework and a milestones section which allows you to play with the steps and recognize new possibilities when it comes to relating to yourself and others.
• Attend a presentation, live or online, and experience some of the 7steps first hand.
• Participate in a workshop or training session and begin transforming every-day situations into extraordinary encounters.
They will change the way you approach your life, your business and the world.

Why is this relevant to me?  

Each and every one of us has a unique way of communicating.
Often, we try to follow a role model when dealing with others.
What if the world were waiting for you to STEP INTO your unique role?
Is it time to STEP UP and acknowledge what is great about you?
Is it time to STEP OUT and share your genius with the world?
Join the 7steps party and let’s increase the possibilities of true connection in this world, one step at a time. 

How does it work?  

Throughout the trainings and workshops participants get a chance to experiment with different scenarios and find the best approach to communicating their message to the target audience. 

Who conducts these events?  

In addition to Kass Thomas, who conducts all 7steps classes and trainings, including the 2-day workshops 7steps Explosion and 7steps to Abundance , there are various 7steps Prelude Teachers offering presentations, introductory classes,1-day 7steps Prelude events and 7steps business training . These events are available in different languages and in different countries around the world.
You can find a list of teachers, trainers HERE  » .

When can I start?  

Start now! Check out the different  workshops   and explore how to uncover your flawless communication.

When you are willing to connect with who you truly are, disconnect from who you have been trying or pretending to be (or not to be), then you can reconnect with everyone and everything around you in a way that establishes true connection and makes your communication flawless

7steps business training

“The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place”.   George Bernard Shaw

Communication is an integral part of all aspects of life and business.

In today’s fast-pace world, we are often so busy that we are not present with the quality of our interactions with others.
The effect of what we say, to whom, and when, is often overlooked or underestimated.

Investing time in strengthening our communication skills can help increases success in business by reducing stress and building the confidence required to create a positive work environment.

The 7steps Business Training Program, developed by Kass Thomas, creates a shift in group and individual dynamics by inviting people to go beyond verbal and visual communication in order to establish more authentic connections with everyone the encounter.

Gone are the days of ‘fake it until you make it’.
Transparency, and flexibility in communication give way to more enthusiasm for increasing productivity and establishing reliable human resources in an ever-changing workplace.

What is the 7steps Business Training Program?

The 7steps Business Training Program is about enhancing one’s capacity to communicate more effectively.

The program gives company directors, managers and employees the steps necessary to know how to include the needs of others in their interactions, without excluding themselves.
This makes all conversations more engaging and eliminates defensive posture.
Instead of reacting to provocations, using coping mechanisms, or reverting to automatic responses, they opt for the approach that will create more for everyone involved.
As a result, after the training, participants are more eager to contribute to the shared mission and achieve the goals and targets set forth by the organization.

7steps Business Training Program: Sessions, Content & Outcome  

The 7steps Business Training Program currently consists of two different levels of training. Level I and Level II.
Both levels are divided into specific sessions which progressively guide participants toward enhanced communication skills using the 7steps approach.
Additional details about the sessions are readily available upon request.
Below is an outline of the Level I sessions.

What do the Level I Training sessions entail?

Depending on the package option (see below) you choose the number or sessions and their content may vary accordingly.
The full Level I package includes four different sessions with a duration of 3 to 4 hours each.
One live or online Follow-up session is included in the full package.
Additional follow up sessions are also available, upon request.

Level 1 – sessions 1- 4

  • Level 1 - session 1
    Presentation, explanation, interaction (3-4 hours) [read more...]

    This session incorporates an initial presentation and explanation of the 7steps with examples of how to apply them in different areas of life and business. The session includes interactive demonstrations and exercises to allow participants the opportunity to practice using the steps in a variety of scenarios.
    Participants begin to see a different way to approach communicating with more ease, authenticity and less conflict.
    As they start applying these steps in daily living, they experience reduction in stress and discover new channels of communication to expand their personal and professional encounters.
  • Level 1 - session 2
    Transforming problems into possibilities (3-4 hours) [read more...]

    In this session, the Trainer uses common behavioral patterns to show participants how to transform situations and obtain positive outcomes.
    Working in pairs, participants practice using the steps to move conversations in the direction that will produce the best possible results.
    - Participants learn how to strengthen their intuitive skills and recognize shifts in the conversation as they apply different steps.
    They are guided to identify triggers, so that they can make different choices and change challenging situations into mutually beneficial outcomes.
    This is an interactive session pepped with high energy as the participants get to apply the steps in action.
  • Level 1 - session 3
    Team building and Leadership (3-4 hours) [ read more... ]

    During this session the Trainer will set up role-play scenarios.
    Participants will experience different aspects of the communication process which will enlarge their zone of influence with customers, colleagues and service providers.
    As a result, they increase confidence in exercising their intuitive skills by putting the steps into practice in realistic situations.
        This interactive session permits participants to experience the difference in communication when they employ the 7steps approach.
    Using an array of different topics, participants get a chance to enhance their presentation skills, and learn how to give and receive constructive and intuitive feedback.
    - This ‘hands-on’ style of training aids in increased diversification of bilateral communication skills in participants.
    This type of expertise is highly useful in any workplace. They learn how to be a good leader, and/or be part of a team.
    And, if the situation demands, then lead by following.
    - Participants are now equipped with an increased agility to alter the course of any communication and get the best out of any situation.
    Even in the light of disparate points of view, they can turn any conversation around, and reach a point of healthy agreement.
    This is immensely helpful while dealing with different personalities, and/or working under tight deadlines.
    Practically speaking, this session teaches participants how to smoothly maneuver through any meeting, and at the end of it, be ready with action points.
  • Level 1 - session 4
    The step in action: improvisation, feedback and overview session (3-4 hours) [ read more... ]

    The Trainer gives specific feedback tailored to individual participants. Group discussions further prepare trainees to become the 7steps and incorporate these steps into their approach to all aspects of life and communication.
    During this final session, participants master their communication and presentation skills through improvisation, role playing, real life scenarios and “elevator speeches”.
    They clear any doubts they have about their own communication skills and learn how to provide empowering feedback that helps everyone present in the session. To wrap up the course, the session ends with a summary of how to move forward. (2-4 hours)
    - Trainees gain unshakable self-esteem and expand their zone of comfort to be able to move easily through any situation.
    - They know how to create magical moments in all their communication, and in their lives.
  • Follow up sessions – live and/or online
    Follow-up sessions are extremely helpful in keeping the pathways open to continued success in communication. [read more...]

    These sessions can be scheduled live or online and can be tailored for current situations that arise in the company.
    Once participants have had a chance to metabolize their experience with the 7steps, new awareness often arise, and these sessions can be quite practical in adapting their approach to new scenarios.
    These follow up sessions are also helpful in recognizing if additional sessions are being requested.

What does the 7steps Business Training Program shows us?  

  • How to be present   - This means that you will have the ability to be aware of what needs to be communicated and in what way, when and with whom.
  • Intuitive communication   - Helping participants to develop their intuitive abilities when in the middle of a conversation allows them to increase their creativity and go beyond the automated response which comes from conditioned thinking, and often comes off cold to the client or listener.
    This means that ideas and solutions can pop up that have perhaps not been considered before.
  • Team building and development Lowering Barriers   - Leading the participants through the steps of lowering their barriers so that they are able to function beyond the learn behaviors, defending a point of view, reacting to provocations, using coping mechanisms or reverting to automatic responses.
  • Enriching customer relations   - 7steps shows you how to improve relationships with prospective customers and nurture existing clients and service providers. So often sales and management staff revert to clichés and memorized sales pitches that render their interaction with others stale or impersonal.
    7steps trains staff how to use their own personality to establish authentic personalized rapport with clients and service providers, going beyond the masks or veils of this reality.
    Your managers will learn how to turn cold and mechanical conversations into creative explorations, which bring about desired outcomes that everyone can feel good about.
  • Personalized contact   - They are then in touch with who they are, and their own particular brand of genius can show up.
  • Participants will no longer have to pretend to be “confident” “false” or “fake it until you make it”, because they will be more confident and in touch with who they really are and their own unique way of communicating.
    This enables the participants to contribute to your company from a different space, which in turn will give them the platform to negotiate and be creative with both suppliers and clients being both genuine and authentic.
    They will discover that when they are more engaged, they will come up with surprising initiatives.

    The ultimate target of this work is for employees to communicate flawlessly with each other, your suppliers and customers with greater ease even with the more difficult conversations.

Sample of Training Package options and prices?  

  • OPTION 1:
    2 x 8 - Two 8-hour training sessions (within 2 weeks)
  • OPTION 2:
    4 x 4: Four 4-hour training sessions (within 5 working days)
  • OPTION 3:
    3 x 4: Three 4-hour training sessions  (within 4 working days)
  • OPTION 4:
    2 x 4: Two 4-hour training sessions (within 3 working days)
  • OPTION 5:
    1 x 4: One 4-hour training session (within 1 day)

TRAINING PRICE:  prices are tailored for the number of participants (10, 20, 35 or more) for more information please contact info@7steps.us

Included in the above price:

  • 7steps to Flawless Communication book written by Kass Thomas
  • Participant Workbook for daily use
  • Follow-up session with Trainer(s)

The following items are not included in the above estimates:

  • Travel, Accommodation & Meals for Trainees
  • Cost of venue hire, snacks, refreshments or meals for participants
  • Prices may vary depending on number of participants, distance between sessions.

For more information , please contact
We are happy to explore the perfect course of training that fits your needs.

Want to Teach 7steps?

There are two different ways to start your 7steps business and share these unique and effective 7steps with the world:

  • 1

    Become a 7Steps Prelude Teacher
    (Do free 7steps presentations, teach 2-hour 7steps Intro classes and 1-day 7steps Prelude classes)

    Invite people to play with these easy and practical steps so that more people can enjoy meaningful and effective communication.

    Obtaining a 7steps Prelude Teacher’s license is as easy as 1,2,3.
    With only three days of training you can apply to become a teacher.
    Are you ready to inspire the world, have more ease in communication and make money while doing it?

  • 2

    Become a 7steps Business Trainer
    (Do 7steps Presentations, teach 2-hour 7steps Intro classes and 1-day 7steps 2-day training sessions for individuals and companies)

    Transform teams into cohesive units so your company always outperforms, irrespective of the market conditions.

    Experienced teachers in soft skills training in corporate and/or business environments, or in-house company trainers, can apply for this license.
    Transform all employees into responsible, smart leaders who can contribute to the expansion and success of the company. Always.

7steps Prelude Teacher

7steps Prelude Teacher

How to become a 7steps Prelude Teacher:


Attend ONE 7Steps Explosion 2-day class with Kass Thomas in the last 5 months


Attend ONE 7steps Prelude 1-day LIVE class with any 7steps Prelude Teacher or ONLINE & LIVE with Kass in the last 5 months


Register HERE and Pay the 7steps Prelude Teacher’s annual license fee of €200

Upon receipt of payment you will receive   7steps Prelude Teacher’s Agreement to sign.
Once you have signed the agreement, you are on your way…
You will be contacted by a member of the 7steps Team to schedule your Bridging the Gap Prelude Teacher’s Training Interview


Complete Bridging the Gap Prelude Teacher Training which includes an interview with a 7steps team Ambassador.


Get started on your journey as a 7steps Prelude Teacher!

As a 7steps Prelude Teacher you get  

• A series of informative videos with Kass Thomas explaining every step in detail, giving practical examples of how to use them
• Support zooms with 7steps team Ambassadors (in your language)
• Access to support materials, including graphics, to promote your presentations and live classes
• Your classes listed on the 7Steps website
• Assistance with acquiring books to stock your library
• Tips on how to create your 7steps workshops and more during the monthly call
• Invitation to additional possibilities (e.g.: affiliate program, hosting streaming parties, networking, corporate training and more)


• 7Steps Intro class (2-hours) Cost: maximum €50
• 7Steps Prelude class with Kass Thomas (1 day) Cost: €150
• 7Steps Prelude class with 7steps Prelude Teachers (1-day) Cost: from €100
• 7Steps Explosion 2-day class with Kass Thomas (2-days) Cost: €700
• 7Steps Prelude Teacher Annual License Fee Cost: €200/year
The fee is annual and must be paid upfront when applying for your license.
• 7Steps Prelude Teacher Annual License Renewal Fee Cost: €200/year
• Royalty payments: there are no royalty payments on 7steps Prelude classes

7steps Business Trainer

7steps Business Trainer

How to become a 7steps Business Trainer:


Attend TWO 7steps 2-day classes with Kass Thomas within the last 5 months:
a. ONE 7Steps Explosion 2-day LIVE class
b. ONE 7steps to Abundance class (Live or online)


Attend ONE 7Steps Prelude 1-day class with Kass or any 7steps Prelude Teacher or 7steps Corporate Trainer within the last 5 months


Register and Pay the 7steps Business Trainer’s Annual License Fee: €450
Upon receipt of payment, you will receive 7steps Business Trainer’s Agreement to sign.
Once you have signed the agreement, you are on your way…You will be contacted by a member of the 7steps Team to schedule your Bridging the Gap Business Training Interview


Complete Bridging the Gap Business Training Interview with a 7steps Corporate Ambassador.


Get started on your journey as a 7steps Prelude Business Training!

As a 7steps Business Trainer you get  

• 7steps Business Trainer’s Packet including presentation materials, graphics, PowerPoint presentation , ideas and samples
• Ideas on how to start and thereafter schedule your 7steps Business Training sessions
• A series of informative videos with Kass Thomas explaining every step in detail, giving practical examples of how to use them
• Advice on how to adapt the language to business environment
• Brainstorming session with Kass and/or 7steps Support Team before and/or after each scheduled training session
• Your profile listed on the 7steps website
• Assistance with acquiring 7steps books and products
• Tips on how to create your training sessions
• Listing of classes and trainings on website if desired (optional)
• Periodic calls with Kass and/or 7steps Support Group


• 7Steps Prelude class with Kass Thomas (1 day) Cost: €150
• 7steps Prelude class with 7steps Prelude Teachers (1 day) Cost: from €100
• 7Steps Explosion 2-day workshops with Kass Thomas (2-days) Cost: €700
• 7Steps Abundance 2-day workshops with Kass Thomas (2-days) Cost: €700
• 7steps Business Trainer’s Annual License Fee Cost: €450/year
• 7steps Business Trainer’s Annual License Renewal Fee Cost: €450/year
• Royalty payments: 20%
Royalty fees on 7steps Business Training sessions are payable to: Open Possibilities s.r.l.s.
For in-house corporate trainers royalty fees are included in the purchase fees of participant packages.

• Procurement fee: 20%
The License fee is annual and must be paid when applying/renewing your license.
Annual renewal requirements include payment of annual fee and participation in at least ONE 7steps Explosion workshop and ONE 7steps to Abundance Business Training (live or online) with Kass Thomas each year.
You may pay the fee and keep your license current as long as you have scheduled and attend your renewal class requirement within 4 months of license renewal date, Your license will automatically expire if you have not paid your renewal fee or signed up and paid for renewal prerequisites.

For detailed information contact us at info@7steps.us.

Class List

Book Presentation- 7steps to Flawless Communication
More informations

Book Presentation- 7steps to Flawless Communication

There is so much more that unites us than separates us.

7steps BOOK CLUB
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7steps BOOK CLUB

There is so much more that unites us than separates us.

7Steps- Intro Class
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7Steps- Intro Class

7steps- Prelude
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7steps- Prelude

Learn & experience the 7steps

7steps- Explosion
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7steps- Explosion

2-days which will change your life.

7Steps to Abundance
More informations

7Steps to Abundance

specialty classes on business, training, kids, the environment and specialized fields of interest.

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