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What is 7steps®?

Transforming ordinary encounters into an explosion of infinite possibilities

7steps® by Kass Thomas is a unique approach to communication designed to optimize your success when it comes to relating to others with ease.
Through a series of interactive workshops and training programs this approach guides you, step by step, to discover many different ways to create a flow in your interactions.
Whether it be interpersonal communications, group encounters, public speaking or digital and online presence, these steps provide the key to establishing authentic connection first with yourself, and then with everyone and everything around you.

Where do I start?  

• Reading the best seller book, 7steps® to Flawless Communication, authored by Kass Thomas.
Available in over 15 languages, the book has a homework and a milestones section which allows you to play with the steps and recognize new possibilities when it comes to relating to yourself and others.
• Attend a presentation, live or online, and experience some of the 7steps® first hand.
• Participate in a workshop or training session and begin transforming every-day situations into extraordinary encounters.
They will change the way you approach your life, your business and the world.

Why is this relevant to me?  

Each and every one of us has a unique way of communicating.
Often, we try to follow a role model when dealing with others.
What if the world were waiting for you to STEP INTO your unique role?
Is it time to STEP UP and acknowledge what is great about you?
Is it time to STEP OUT and share your genius with the world?
Join the 7steps®party and let’s increase the possibilities of true connection in this world, one step at a time.

How does it work?  

Throughout the trainings and workshops participants get a chance to experiment with different scenarios and find the best approach to communicating their message to the target audience.

Who conducts these events?  

In addition to Kass Thomas, who conducts all 7steps® classes and trainings, including the 2-day workshops 7steps®  Explosion and 7steps® to Abundance , there are various 7steps® Prelude Teachers offering presentations, introductory classes,1-day 7steps® Prelude events and 7steps® business training . These events are available in different languages and in different countries around the world.
You can find a list of teachers, trainers HERE  » .

When can I start?  

Start now! Check out the different workshops and explore how to uncover your flawless communication.

When you are willing to connect with who you truly are, disconnect from who you have been trying or pretending to be (or not to be), then you can reconnect with everyone and everything around you in a way that establishes true connection and makes your communication flawless

Want to Teach 7steps®?

There are three different ways to start your 7steps® business and share these unique and effective 7steps® with the world:

  • (Do 7steps® Free Book Readings and 7steps® Free Presentations)
    A 7steps® Practitioner is a person that is very enthusiastic about the 7steps® to Flawless Communication and would like to be an invitation for the world to find, learn and use these simple and easy steps and tools to create a greater future.
  • (Do free 7steps® presentations, and teach 2-hour 7steps® Intro classes)
    Introduce people to the 7steps® and their first approach to Flawless Communication.
    You can become an Intro Teacher by learning the basics of the 7steps® and applying to be a part of our tribe!
    Is NOW the time for you to be a Flawless Communicator?
  • (Do free 7steps® presentations and series on various topics, teach 2-hour 7steps® Intro classes and 1-day 7steps® Prelude classes)
    Invite people to play with these easy and practical steps so that the world more people can enjoy more meaningful and effective communication.
    Obtaining a 7steps® Prelude Teacher’s license is as easy as 1,2,3.
    With only three days of training, you can apply to become a teacher and you will have a tribe that has your back!
    Are you ready to inspire the world, have more ease in communication and make money while doing it?

If you would like to use the 7steps® for corporative training,
contact us at info@kassthomas.com
and we will let you know what is required for that.

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7steps® FREE event Zoominar-Web
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7steps® FREE event

7steps® Global Communication

Zoominar, Web Zoominar, Web

1 March 2024

العربية čeština, český jazyk English français Italiano Português Español Türkçe

Kass Thomas
7steps® Explosion Zoominar-Web

7steps® Explosion

Zoominar, Web Zoominar, Web

2->3 March 2024

English Italiano Português Español

Kass Thomas
7steps® Intro New Delhi-India

7steps® Intro

How to Communicate with ease

New Delhi, India New Delhi, India

19 March 2024


Kass Thomas
7steps® Explosion Bangalore-India

7steps® Explosion

Bangalore, India Bangalore, India

23->24 March 2024

English हिन्दी, हिंदी

Kass Thomas Disha Sardar Dr Shubhra N Punetha Dr Sasha Nagporewalla Shivangi Dadhich Shalini Chaudhary
ZOOMINAR Zoominar-Web


How to talk with Strangers

Zoominar, Web Zoominar, Web

5 April 2024

العربية čeština, český jazyk English Italiano Português Español Türkçe

Kass Thomas
7steps® Explosion Zoominar-Web

7steps® Explosion

Zoominar, Web Zoominar, Web

8->9 June 2024

English Italiano Português Español Türkçe

Kass Thomas
7steps® to Abundance in Business Istanbul-Turkey

7steps® to Abundance in Business

Istanbul, Turkey Istanbul, Turkey

13->15 September 2024

العربية English Italiano Español Türkçe

Kass Thomas Dr Sasha Nagporewalla Tomas Sanchez Girard Burcu Aybey


Class List

Book Presentation 7steps® to Flawless Communication More informations

Book Presentation- 7steps® to Flawless Communication

There is so much more that unites us than separates us.

7steps® BOOK CLUB More informations

7steps® BOOK CLUB

There is so much more that unites us than separates us.

7steps® 7day Series More informations

7steps® 7-day Series

7steps® Phases a 4part Series More informations

7steps® Phases, a 4-part Series

7steps® Intro More informations

7steps® Intro

7steps® Prelude More informations

7steps® Prelude

Learn & experience the 7steps

7steps® Explosion More informations

7steps® Explosion

Days which will change your life.

7steps® to Abundance in Business More informations

7steps® to Abundance in Business

specialty classes on business, training, kids, the environment and specialized fields of interest.

Access Body Process Class More informations

Access Body Process Class

What are you and your body choosing?

7steps® FREE event More informations

7steps® FREE event

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