Tales from the Golden Planet

One of  the things I love most about teaching this class is that I get to talk to people about ending separation and reigniting oneness.

I engage with the Golden Planet – a magical place from 4 trillion years ago, described by Gary Douglas – to invite the world to recognize that separation is an invention and a lie and that communion with all things and all people is the truth of who we truly are.

These Tales from the Golden Planet classes identify the implants that trigger the auto-response of separation. 

Once we have identified these triggers and implanted points of view, we begin to easily recognize them when they show up in our daily lives.

In fact, I bring up specific examples from our everyday lives in order to demonstrate that precious “moment of choice” when we can either choose oneness and communion or revert to separation. 

These practical examples illuminate how well we are entrained to assuming a defensive posture instead of the potency that vulnerability (no defensive barriers) truly is. Defensive posture is part of this polarized reality and leaves little or no space for love, kindness or gratitude. 

Just reading this, or asking a question about what else is possible, can encourage our capacities for communion and oneness to reawaken.

There is so much more that unites us than separates us. 

Would you be willing to give up the implanted points of view that keep separation in place?

Is it time to know what we have always known and be who we have always been?

What change can we affect here on planet Earth by simply remembering and reclaiming our abilities to perceive, know, be and receive all?

Is now the time?

Kass Thomas

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