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Kass Thomas

Who I Am

'If you are on a journey and you are not pleased with where you are going, just change the train!'

Kass’s life has been nothing short of an adventure. Having started working at an early age of 14, she has had a sense of pride, commitment, and passion for everything she has ever done;
from working in the hospitality industry at 5-star properties (and also won concierge of the year from Where magazine in New York) to managing Off-Broadway theatre productions in the start of her career in New York;
from starting her own production company with a friend in Italy, to finally finding her calling as an empowerment and transformation coach;
teaching consciousness.

Her journey has taken a lot of twists and turns, some of them were unintentional while others were choices that came out of positive revelations.

It can be said, Kass changed tracks several times, switching trains to get on the path which takes her to her desired destination.

Kass Thomas is a life coach with a gift of extrapolation, international bestselling author, trainer and certified facilitator of Access Consciousness who assists her clients to reach beyond, and discover their best selves.

Conducting private sessions, group training and workshops on a variety of topics using many of the pragmatic tools of Access Consciousness, Kass has helped people all over the globe in optimizing themselves and their lives.

Kass was born in Boston, Massachusetts to an unconventional family.

Her parents had both recently left their previous partners to be together and raise Kass.

Her family included people from various ethnicities, which contributed to a multi-cultural and global curiosity in her.

This curiosity later inspired her to travel to different countries to learn different languages and cultures.

She attained an undergraduate degree in Journalism and went on to postgraduate studies in Theater Management from New York University and traveled to exotic locations such as France, Spain, and Italy which led her to master the language of all these regions.

As a result of her journey, she has also authored the bestselling book, 7steps   to Flawless Communication, which is available in more than 20 languages.

Kass has strived to ensure that her book is accessible to everyone, so has kept the book at $12 (10 euro).

She will also be launching her second book, -Dancing With The Riches- with a world tour.

Her journey with ‘ Access Consciousness ’ started in 2005 when she received her first class, after which she proceeded to become a Certified Licensed Facilitator in 2006.

She also Hosted Gary and Dain , founders of Access, for the first time in Europe.

In her journey, she has facilitated over 1000 classes and assisted over 10,000 people, of which include Madonna (Singer), Ray Charles (Singer), Denzel Washington (Hollywood Actor), Whoopi Goldberg (Hollywood Actress), Michelle Pfeiffer (Hollywood Actress) and Miles Davis (Musician) as well as Morgan Freeman, who was the best man at her first wedding.

Her clientèle and her classes are spread out all over the globe including India, France, Italy, Switzerland, UK, Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic, Russia, Croatia, Indonesia, China, Japan, Morocco, Israel, New Zealand, Australia, Turkey, the United States, Brazil, South Africa, Canada, UAE and Estonia.

Amongst Kass’s many talents is her knack for jazz, which she sings beautifully.

She is also a foodie, and updates her Instagram page regularly with the interesting food she samples all over the world.

She is an avid traveler, as she has toured the globe as a result of her 7steps   classes and 3-Day Access Classes.

Kass says: ' It fills me with joy to watch how quickly & easily someone can start creating more in their life, with their body and their financial situation just by choosing to do so. '

What gifts and talents do you have that come so easily to you that you don't even consider them valuable?

Your business, relationships, investments, happiness, and the planet are all in the balance. What do you choose? What can I add to my life today that would create more right away?

This is one of my favorite questions. ...

and I have about 57 other favorite questions too.

Kass Thomas

What I Do

I am a walking talking demonstration of how to communicate with ease:
with yourself, with others, with your body, your business and the world at large.

Through questions, verbal clearings, energetic body work and practical demonstrations and role playing, I invite people to look at the various areas of their lives, their daily activities, relationship and work, from a new and proactive perspective.

I believe that when you are truly willing to take a look at what you desire, recognize what is working for you and what is not, that alone allows you step into a whole new arena.
Then if you have the courage to choose what works for you,the joy, fun and wealth come to you with ease.

I offer private sessions, group training and workshops on a variety of topics using many of the pragmatic tools of Access Consciousness, my ease in communicating and my years of business and living experience.
I empower people to recognize what they know about moving forward and enjoying a healthier approach to living, working and relating with ease.

My workshops include topics such as:

Being You Adventure andndash 1day

Being You Adventure – 1day

Being You Adventure andndash The Weekend

Being You Adventure – The Weekend

Access Book Club

Access Book Club

Access Your Communication Genius Intro

Access Your Communication Genius - Intro

Access Your Communication Genius Prelude

Access Your Communication Genius - Prelude

Access Your Communication Genius 2day class

Access Your Communication Genius - 2day class

Access The Foundation®

Access The Foundation®

3Day Access Body Class®

3-Day Access Body Class®

Access Bars®

Access Bars®

Access Energetic Faceliftandtrade

Access Energetic Facelift™

Beyond Aging Energetic Facelift Intro Beyond Aging Energetic Facelift™ - Intro

Access Bars® Gifting and Receiving

Access Bars® Gifting & Receiving

Right Voice for You Intro

Right Voice for You - Intro

Access Consciousness FREE event

Access Consciousness FREE event

Right Voice for You 1day

Right Voice for You 1-day

Right Voice for You 2part series

Right Voice for You 2-part series

Right Voice for You 3part series

Right Voice for You 3-part series

Right Voice for You 3day class

Right Voice for You - 3-day class

Being You Adventure andndash an Intro

Being You Adventure – an Intro



Extraordinary Encounters

Extraordinary Encounters

A Taste of Kass

A Taste of Kass

ON AIR with Kass

ON AIR with Kass



Coffee with Kass

Coffee with Kass

Energy Pulls

Energy Pulls

Book launch Dancing with Riches

Book launch Dancing with Riches

Dancing With Riches Book Club

Dancing With Riches Book Club

Dancing with Riches Intro

Dancing with Riches - Intro

Dancing with Riches Prelude

Dancing with Riches - Prelude

Dancing with Riches The Workshop

Dancing with Riches - The Workshop

Dancing with Riches FREE event

Dancing with Riches FREE event

Private Sessions

Private Sessions

Book Presentation 7steps® to Flawless Communication

Book Presentation- 7steps® to Flawless Communication

7steps® BOOK CLUB

7steps® BOOK CLUB

7steps® 7day Series

7steps® 7-day Series

7steps® Phases a 4part Series

7steps® Phases, a 4-part Series

7steps® Intro

7steps® Intro

7steps® Prelude

7steps® Prelude

7steps® Explosion

7steps® Explosion

7steps® to Abundance in Business

7steps® to Abundance in Business

Access Body Process Class

Access Body Process Class

7steps® FREE event

7steps® FREE event

Living Experience

Living Experience

Kass Thomas


Kass Thomas is a multi-talented and accomplished individual.

As the founder of 7steps® to Flawless Communication and Dancing With The Riches, both established in 2015, she has dedicated her work to empowering individuals, and organizations through effective communication. Kass has been engaging with music all her life, singing, dancing, and helping organize products and international tours, with famous singers including Ray Charles and Nnenna Freelon, to add a melodious touch to her creative endeavors. Her passion for the arts extends to film and theater, where she has excelled as a producer, international sales agent, actress (even alongside acclaimed actors like Kevin Spacey).

In addition to her artistic pursuits, Kass Thomas is a prolific author, having written best-selling books as co-author as well as two books of her own, 'Dancing With The Riches' and '7steps® to Flawless Communication', which have been translated into 20 languages, making her wisdom and insights accessible to a global audience on various topics including relationships, business, culture and money, further showcasing her breadth of expertise.

As a global speaker, facilitator, and communication coach, Kass Thomas has traveled extensively across every continent, reaching diverse people and places. From Afghanistan to Aruba, Australia to Austria, and beyond, she has conducted private sessions, and group training, and empowered numerous individuals through her transformative coaching programs. With an impressive track record of over 1,000 facilitated classes and assistance provided to more than 10,000 people directly, Kass Thomas has made a profound impact on individuals and communities worldwide.

Kass Thomas' journey is marked by an array of experiences and accomplishments in various fields. With deep roots in journalism, she has worked at esteemed publications such as The Boston Globe and The Creative Arts Team, honing her skills as a writer, consultant and communicator. Her expertise extends to the hotel and hospitality industry, where she was awarded the prestigious WHERE Magazine Award at Rockefeller Center as Concierge of the Year. Additionally, Kass ventured into the entertainment industry, managing successful Off-Broadway theater productions in New York City.

From a young age, Kass Thomas displayed an entrepreneurial spirit and an affinity for network marketing. She has been involved with companies such as Amway, Herbalife, and Publispei TV, building her business acumen and expanding her professional network. Her experiences also include managing international film and TV festivals, with actors and directors and producers from around the world, further showcasing her versatility and adaptability.

As an Access Consciousness® Certified Facilitator, Kass Thomas adapted their English-only workshops in the United States, New Zealand, and Australia and expanded them into over 10 other languages across various countries. Her commitment to sharing knowledge and empowering others has made her a sought-after world speaker, delivering transformative messages on consciousness and entrepreneurship.

Outside of her professional endeavors, Kass Thomas embraces an active and fulfilling personal life. She is an avid yoga practitioner and tennis player, investing time in her physical and mental well-being. She is a Rotary Club Member and cherishes the importance of connection and celebration in her life. She organizes yearly ping pong tournaments and hosts Thanksgiving dinners, bringing together over 60 people to enjoy each other's company. Her compassionate spirit extends beyond her immediate surroundings, as she supports children in Africa through monthly donations.

In addition to her remarkable communication skills with humans, Kass Thomas possesses a unique ability to communicate with animals and establish connections with the animal kingdom. She also has a profound connection with spirits, allowing her to engage in spiritual communication.

Originally from Boston, Massachusetts, Kass Thomas has lived in notable cities such as New York City, Paris, and Rome. With over 20 years residing in Rome, she engaged with Americans living in Italy, and was Chair of American Democrats Abroad during both Barack Obama elections. She also embraced Italian culture and is happily married to her beloved husband, Marco Corbelli, one of the top architects in Rome. Together, they have traveled around the world, and co-created a beautiful life and an enchanting and delightful Bed & Breakfast, adding warmth and charm to the villa they call home.

Kass Thomas's journey encompasses a tapestry of accomplishments, diverse experiences, and a passion for empowering individuals through flawless communication, creativity, and conscious living. With her innate ability to connect with people, she continues to make a significant impact worldwide, inspiring others to embrace their unique potential and create a life of joy and fulfillment.


Kass Thomas

They say...

Kass is a woman who has always lived different. She chooses to see that value of each moment and to live it to the fullest.
What would it be like for you to find the fullness of life and the joy of living consciously? Join Kass and her class and see how much more there is to the life you would like to live.
Gary Douglas, founder Access Consciousness ®

Kass has this special talent of getting you to see what you are capable of, before you have even considered it. Just says it casually but it is actually something that if you are willing to look at it, can open up a whole new world of possibilities that you didn't even know was possible. Thank you so much for the contribution that you are!
Serena Soderi

Hi Kass--A HUGE thank you for your Ease of Living Consciously class - just completed watching it on ACTV. Wow. Just went out beyond words/syntax. Wow.
... OK, here it is: parallel childhoods! profound change! found new pathways in my body during stretching while listening!
Please know that the change I experienced during your class is a huge contribution to me & my body.
Appreciating the increased vulnerability & enlivenment for more change. Total appreciation for who you are!
Deborah Belcher

I am aware that words will not be sufficient here my hope is the energy comes through. Kass is one of those people who, upon meeting her, you simply know your life has changed - for the better!
Kass gracefully holds the space of allowance as I discover the light and dark of me she creates the space where there is no fear or attachment to these discoveries.
She recognizes that sweet moment when I acknowledge a long buried piece of me and adeptly lifts me beyond it all and into pure possibility.
And Kass is pure magic in being this for groups as well she holds this space for everyone as we discover and heal our common threads to create the new fabric of our lives.
C. Canada

Once again Kass Thomas demonstrates her powerful, innate ability to translate the complex into the simple in the first tele-call of her new series The Space of Being in Communion with Bodies.
As one example, she zeroed in on the one area everyone just knew they understood, one of the first premises learnt, opened that door wide and let the light of clarity flow.
Not fully understood, forgotten or brushed over, she brought on practical comprehension laced with humor in an Ohooo! moment of lightbulbs.
This series promises to be Kass Thomas at her best.
Judy, Canada

Watch this woman and you can feel her connection with bodies, it stiumulates sensualness, sexualness, space of awareness.
No coaxing it to show up - its there. She walks and BEs it.
And you say Ill have some more of that in my life please.
Milica Jelenic

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