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The basis, or the ground on which you build your life, is the quality of communication that you have with yourself and others. The way you understand your communication pattern is by asking yourself the following questions:
In your intimate communication, how do you behave with yourself? Are you caring (respectful), honest, lucid and encouraging? Or do you judge, do you lower yourself and always see what needs to be done better?
In your communication with others (people other than your own self), how do you position yourself? When you are talking with others- is your agenda to be right, or to truly listen? Do you impose your vision on others, or are you open to others’ visions?

Conflicts arise when we don’t understand where the other person is coming from. You don’t understand, and they don’t either. Where does that leave your conversation? In a stagnant, unproductive place.
It is also possible, that you might listen (without the goal of ‘winning’ the argument), and find something of substance in what they are conveying to you. This will make you better in whatever subject that is the topic of discussion.
And then, when you show that you genuinely are interested to know the other person’s point of view, the person with whom you communicate might ponder as well over your views. In the end, joining the most enticing aspects of both your points of views, you have an engaging  and genuine discussion.

Similarly, in conflicts that are internal, do we truly accept and consider all the opinions we might have? In two paths that are in front of us, do we acknowledge and understand both paths? If we do, that will lead us to take the path that is best for us at that moment.

These are some of the things we can create by truly listening and communicating effectively:
– More fun to communicate
– Less conflicts
– Rewarding discussions
– Elimination of conflicts
– Problem solving
– Easier speaking in public
– Ease in professional and personal relationships
And so much more!
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Kass Thomas

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