Being You Adventure – 1day

Being You Adventure – 1day

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Is now the time to be what and who you actually came here to be?

"Being you, the evening adventure" is a class that provides you with the ground work for creating more ease in every area of your life.

It talks about what it means to be you and gives you some really easy and cool tools to find out what exactly that means...for you!

Most of us have role models or ideals that we try to adapt to, or live up to, without ever exploring what is different about us and how to be us in any situation.

With her ease and unwavering presence and humour, Kass gently guides us on the adventure of uncovering our unique qualities and having fun while doing it.

If you want to create something extraordinary in your life and you know now is the time, come join Kass, she will inspire and invite you to more! Welcome to this evening class based on Dain Heer’s Being You, Changing the World book and classes, as well as the amazing tool-box of Access Consciousness.

These tasters are facilitated by special Being You facilitators worldwide and can give you an energetic experience of being that you won’t find anywhere else . . .

This class has no prerequisites and every event is uniquely created by the people who choose to come.

Available: Live & Online
Duration : approximately 8 hour\s (1 day\s )
Price vary depending on country of residence
  • Suggested Price (100%): 450,00 EUR
  • Suggested Price (80%): 360,00 EUR
  • Suggested Price (75%): 337,00 EUR

Upcoming classes

coming soon in short time

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