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There is so much more that unites us than separates us.

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The 7steps™ to Flawless Communication is a small potent book that invites you in a simple way to connect. Starting the first phase (connecting with yourself), you then go on to recognize when you are in reaction and disconnected from you, so that you can choose to reconnect from a space of confidence.

This is not only a contribution to you and your life but also to others, so that you can establish true connection with everything and everyone.

It is an introduction to the magic of you.

Join 7steps Teachers from around the world for a reading and discussion of the 7steps to Flawless Communication book in different languages. 

What is this class

This book club is an introduction on how to begin engaging with the 7steps.

Conducted by trained 7steps Teachers, it is a way to get a guided glimpse of these simple steps and explore some of the far reaching suggestions in the book. 

How is it structured

After a warm and inviting reading, Teachers interact with participants, responding to their questions and giving them some practical ways to experiment with the homework sections after each step in the book and how to use the milestones to acknowledge the change this approach quickly brings into your daily life.

How can it help me?

This book club is a fun and playful way to enjoy the 7steps approach to communication. 7steps Teachers share examples and scenarios that allow you to see what possibilities for more ease in communication are available.

It is also a nice, warm and cozy conversation about the simplicity of life, that awakens your sleeping magic.

How long does it last?

Depending on the Teacher it can last from 1 session to 7 sessions.

Kass’s Book Clubs are divided into three 1-hour sessions. 


Check the pricing for the Teachers’ sessions on the 7steps.us website.

Available: only Online
Duration : approximately 1 hour\s (1 day\s )
Suggested Price : 45.00 EUR

Upcoming classes

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