7steps® to Abundance in Business

Upcoming classes

7steps® to Abundance in Business

specialty classes on business, training, kids, the environment and specialized fields of interest.

Upcoming classes

7steps to Abundance seminars are for those who have taken a 7steps Explosion class and are interested in exploring different areas where they can use their flawless communication.

If you are interested in using the 7steps in a professional atmosphere or applying them to a specific field or area of your life this is the perfect seminar for you.

Also people want to continue developing their ability to stay present and communicate in a very different way and enjoy the leap that these abundance classes, on different topics creates.

What is this class

This is an advanced training class for those interested in going more in depth into specific professions or into a particular area of interest.

There are a limited number of participants so that each one has the time and the space to receive clear and simple feedback and advice on the many ways to explore more possibilities within their field of interest, whether it be their business, their relationship with kids ( teachers, counselors or parents).

Teachers, trainers, doctors and therapists as well as writers and housewives use these specialty classes as a way of honing their skills of being present, opening up collaborations in a different way and inviting more contractual possibilities into their lives.

The use of these simple steps in relation to a specific field allows participants to explore their unique approach in a safe environment.

The clarity that comes about by the final presentation on the second day is just beyond words. The uniqueness of a participants' talents becomes so apparent to them that there is no more room for doubt or timidity in their world.

Just huge kindness and determination and clarity. 7steps to Abundance in Business, with kids, animals, and more.

How it can help me

In these specialty classes you get a chance to explore what is your unique approach to a particular topic and how you can gain a different perspective and a different approach to a world you have been perhaps working in for years but have not had the gift of a direct and simple approach which makes you universally readable and useful.

How is structured

Depending on the topic of the Specialty class, (e.g. 7steps to Abundance in Business, Speech Therapy, Language, Teaching, Therapy, etc.) the class begins with a discussion about the past standard approach in the world to the topic at large.

These approaches are seen from different angles and then moves on to explore the particular area each of the participants is engaging in or would like to develop.

One on one and group discussions follow, allowing expansion of the perspective that participants have and eventually reveals the different ways to integrate standard operating procedures into a more holistic approach using the 7steps to Abundance.

On the second day with the help of Kass and fellow participants new reflections on future possibilities in the field are how to look at their work to create something more genuine and unique for them.

While random topics are chosen in the 7steps Explosion classes in order to create flexibility and ease in discussing any topic, in this second day of the Abundance classes the specialty topics allow participants to gain more clarity on their targets and goals in life.

As the day goes on people are invited to utilize the steps to express with keen accuracy the meaning of their chosen profession or topic and how they can use that topic to open up new pathways on their journey to personalized success in their particular area.

The class ends with individual presentations.

How long does it last

The event last 2 days


If you attended a 7steps Explosion class in the last 5 months or you are a 7steps Prelude Teacher, the price has a 50% discount.

Available: Live & Online
Pre-requisites : 7steps Explosion
Duration : approximately 12 hour\s (3 day\s )
Suggested Price : 1750.00 EUR

Upcoming classes

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