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This is a four-day class that Kass has been hosting and facilitating for about 15 years.

Everyone who has taken a Foundation class with Kass takes a leap into a level and space of consciousness in a way that has them always choosing to create more in their lives.

These basic tools of Access are easily applicable after a class with Kass because she shows you not only how to use the tools but also how to become the tools, and widen your perspective in life.

It’s not just about reading the manual and repeating phrases or questions, although that too is helpful, but she actually shows you how to perceive the energy, acknowledge the change and recognize the choices these tools make available to you so you can use them to receive and be the contribution you desire and deserve.

Her capacity to demonstrate them through practical and real life examples invites people to finally see how to go from theory to practice and apply the tools in their daily life to create change.

Every participant in her classes (over 100 classes and over 5000 people) goes on to create magic in their lives and many have become influential leaders in the world of Access.

What is this class?

This Access Foundation class is a voyage beyond the normal and ordinary approach to life, and gives you a glimpse at a totally different reality that does indeed exist in this world.

The many topics addressed in the class, and in a manual, cover almost every aspect of life. It’s so dynamic.

Kass is so familiar with these tools and topics, that she has become the tools of Access and invites others to do the same.

We are all students in this school called life, however Access talks about “facilitating” and “empowering” people to know that they know, which literally means “make it easy” and “give the strength” to access their awareness.

Kass has a style of facilitating that is a gentle and potent opening for people to connect with awarenesses that they may not have yet acknowledged, and that they always do. This is a gift and a huge contribution to a person’s life and global change.

How it can help me?

Personal growth - access to advanced classes - license renewal and more.

The only prerequisite required to take this class is an Access Bars 1-day class.
This class however satisfies the prerequisites to attend many other advanced Access classes. After this Foundation class you have the right to participate in a series of advanced classes including Access 3-day Body Class (with Kass or other 3-day Body Class Facilitators), Choice of Possibilities (COP) Class, Energetic Synthesis of Being (ESB), as well as other classes. For more information contact

Many people take the Foundation class to fulfill a prerequisite or simply for their own personal growth.

What they get out of the class goes far beyond anything they expected. Each and every class is unique, no matter how many times you have taken it.

These four days allow you to increase your capacity to see people and life from a different angle and this increases the choices you have available.

It is fun and life changing.

What if the purpose of life were to have fun?

Are you ready to start living your life purposefully?

How is structured?

The class takes place over 4 days.

The manual is a great guide to follow and since Kass is the energy of the tools and has been inviting people to them for so long she is able to give additional information, historical gems and current day practical examples on every single topic covered in the manual.

And the examples change with time.

Questions are always welcome and encouraged since they activate new awarenesses for everyone.

Anytime something seems strange or is not being digested, discussions come up that create even more awareness for everyone.

There are breaks throughout the day to allow people to have snacks, digest some of the material and feel at ease with the shifts.

Day 1 Kass invites people to hear her story about starting a Foundation and invites them to dive into the manual with eager curiosity, even if they have done the class 100 times like she has. Each time is different.

Day 2 invites an exploration of more topics using the tools and introducing some new topics and tools as well as information and hidden gems regarding the body processes in the manual. The participants listen together to an ESC session with Dr. Dain Heer as part of the Foundation class.

Day 3 moves forward to explore how to use the tools not only with others but also with yourself and your body, including additional body processes.

Kass is an expert with these body processes and invites participants to access their own expertise that they may not know they have.

Lots of information about the Body Processes are provided by Kass that go beyond what is written in the manual since she has been an Access 3-day Body Class Facilitator for years, and there are less than 50 now in the world.

Day 4 is a continuation of the tools and playing with them in a different way and from a different, wider space, after 3 days of exploration.

The class ends with questions that open up more possibilities for the future.

Kass also invites participants to play with certain tools in the manual together in fun exercises.

Available: only Live
Pre-requisites : Access Bars®
Duration : approximately 16 hour\s (4 day\s )
Price vary depending on country of residence
  • Suggested Price (100%): 2.250,00 EUR
  • Suggested Price (80%): 1.800,00 EUR
  • Suggested Price (75%): 1.687,00 EUR
Repeat Price (50%) if you had the class in the last 12 months
Age Price (50%) if you are younger than 18 years old

Upcoming classes

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