Dancing with Riches - Prelude

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Dancing with Riches - Prelude

Perfecciona tus habilidades para enriquecer tu negocio y tu vida

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Intensive 1-day class that will transform your approach to life and business to include success, ease, fun and YOU.

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After working in different countries and different professions throughout her 30-year career, Kass has also run her own businesses and had up to 100 employees at one time.
Through all of her career experiences, she understood the main lesson to be learned is not just cookie-cutter methods on how to bring projects to life, how to join a workflow, how to expand a business or improve it.
It is how to tap into and explore our personal motivations and those hidden talents we are not even aware we have.

Get clarity on that and everything else will follow.

Join the class to begin integrating all of your resources into a new, global vision that will help you realign with who you are and the results you have been striving for.

This 1-day Dancing with Riches Prelude class will be an enriching experience for you.

What is this class?

This is an interactive 1-day class that focuses on providing you with an in-depth, crystal clear vision of your unique approach to life and business by aiding you in recognizing your most special talents - some of which you (or others) never saw as such.
This class guides you towards understanding what your distinctive characteristics and motivations are and how these can enrich your entrepreneurial success and every area of your life.

How it can help me?

You will become proficient in a full set of tools of the Dancing with Riches approach to transform your life with ease, and create more harmony between who you are and your business and life projects.
You will see how to effortlessly include YOU in your own life and business without excluding others, but choosing when and where to engage with whom.
Having this global vision allows you to interact with people and projects and carry out tasks in a more effective way.
Gone are the moments of stress, anxiety or delusion.
Clarity and practicality are the gifts of this 1-day class, with the spicy element of new ideas and possibilities, interaction with others and feedback and guidance from Kass.

How is structured?

This 1-day Dancing with Riches Prelude class starts with a brief introduction by Kass about the class agenda and target.
She then invites participants to share their passions, the things that delight them.
This initial interaction immediately elevates the energy and creates an engaging flow that continues throughout the day.
Participants then share ideas about what projects they would like to create in life, what talents or businesses they would like to elaborate and then are guided to identify what might be required to launch or excel in a particular project or business and how to go about achieving their goals.
Assisted by advice and feedback from Kass, who has worked in different fields, countries and positions for over 30 years, clarity about the participants’ hidden capacities will reveal itself during these discussions.
In the second part of the class, different exercises are chosen depending on the topics, talents and businesses expressed in these discussions.
It’s almost like speed dating, with yourself and others.
Wearing different hats, addressing a great range of topics while giving and receiving input from different perspectives.
At the end of the class participants ALWAYS have a greater awareness of who they are, their hidden talents and motivations and are inspired to move their projects forward more with more clarity, while being more present with themselves.

How long does it last?

1 day (6 hours)

Available: Live & Online
Duration : approximately 5 hour\s (1 day\s )
Suggested Price : 450.00 EUR

Upcoming classes

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