Dancing with Riches - Intro

Discover your talents and get inspired by the riches in your life

Dancing with Riches - Intro

Discover your talents and get inspired by the riches in your life

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Have you ever thought about what is so vital to you that you cannot imagine living without it?

How much more can you generate in your life and business when you are motivated by having a clear vision of what you desire and an authentic connection to the best version of you?

If you get that it is time for you to have more clarity on this and tackle your work and personal life from a more integrated perspective, join this Intro and learn an approach that will help you create the choices you desire for your future.

What is this class?

This is an introduction to the various elements from the Dancing with Riches unique approach to business, project development and life.
In this Intro class we strive to put together an initial idea of what your custom-made path to success in a business or life project looks like, by learning to identify what motivates you, the kinds of projects you have more affinity with, the fields that inspire you and the hidden talents you have.

How it can help me?

This Intro class will show you what the Dancing with Riches approach is and how it can help you get more clarity on your business and life projects.
In short, it provides you with the fundamentals of an entrepreneurial perspective that includes you, that acknowledges your unique talents and recognizes how, where and when to use them.
You also get a chance to experience some real life and practical examples and get feedback that you can immediately incorporate into your daily life.

How is structured?

After the initial layout of the various elements that constitute the Dancing with Riches approach to business and life, participants get a chance to play with a few of these elements:

  • talking about their project ideas,
  • unveiling their talents, strengths and weaknesses and
  • sharing their experience as entrepreneurs or collaborators in business or work environments.
Kass gives feedback along the way and shares different ways of looking at these projects, talents, strengths and weaknesses in her unique manner that allows everyone to have a wider outlook.
There is a brief try out of the interactive exercises that are part of the full day Dancing with Riches Prelude class and the 2-day Dancing with Riches workshop.
In these, the participants get constructive feedback on the potential of their individual talents and projects and are able to see it from a different perspective.
At the end of the Intro participants ALWAYS see themselves and their projects from a more motivated and inspired place.


How long does it last?

Usually the event last 2 hour

Available: Live & Online
Duration : approximately 2 hour\s (1 day\s )
Suggested Price : 180.00 EUR

Upcoming classes

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