Private Sessions

Private Sessions

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There are two different types of sessions, each with a different focus.

However, they all will generate more health, wealth and beauty in your life:

  • Business   and career development sessions /Flawless   Communication   sessions
  • Access Consciousness   sessions


Each session will give you the inspiration, tools and steps you require to ignite your magic and change your world.

What transformation can you begin that will create the change you have been asking for?


Once you have booked and paid for the session please contact to agree upon the meeting time and location.
Please note that the sessions are considered booked when scheduled and paid.
Session recordings are sent to you after the session.

Duration : approximately 1 hours (1 days )
Price vary depending on country of residence
  • Price (100%): 250,00 EUR
  • Price (80%): 200,00 EUR
  • Price (75%): 187,00 EUR

Upcoming classes

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