Access Your Communication Genius - 2day class

Access Your Communication Genius - 2day class

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What can you let go of or embrace that would allow you to have more ease, joy, and glory when communicating with yourself, your body, others, the planet, and the universe?

Let’s use the tools of Access to lighten up the shadows, reveal your brilliance, and allow your genius to shine.

Are you ready to communicate beyond the limitations of this reality?

Is it time to be the change you know is possible in the world?

Join this class live or online and let’s invite this change together.


Some of the areas we explore during the class include:

  • Creating Access Energy Flows

  • Light & Heavy

  • Body language

  • Out-creating abuse

  • And so much more


Live and online 


Classes include

  • Intro
  • 1-day class
  • 2-day class

Available: Live & Online
Duration : approximately 16 hour\s (2 day\s )
Price vary depending on country of residence
  • Suggested Price (100%): 1.750,00 EUR
  • Suggested Price (80%): 1.400,00 EUR
  • Suggested Price (75%): 1.312,00 EUR

Upcoming classes

coming soon in short time

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