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Burcu Aybey ile
15 Ekim 2024
18.30 - 20.30
Online&Canlı Katılım 7adım Prelüd Intro Sınıfı

İletişimin önce kendimiz ile başladığını ve sonra diğer her şey ile devam ettiğini bu sınıfta fark edip harekete geçeceğiz.

In this class, we will realize that communication starts with ourselves and then continues with everything else, and we will take action.

Bilgi için: +90 506 237 20 40

Sınıfa katılım için kendinize yatırım 60 Euro.

The investment for yourself to participate in the class is 60 Euro.

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Sınıf yerinin adresi:  .
Teşvikiye Mah. Akkavak Sk. Halilbey Apt. No:19 Kat:7 D:38 Şişli Nişantaşı Bars Studio, Türkiye

Nişantaşı Bars Studio

Her adımda, sevgiyle...

With love, every step of the way...

How can you gain more clarity, ease and money in your everyday life experiences and enhance the quality of your interactions with others?
By recognizing and acknowledging your talents, abilities and gifts you can put them to work for you to improve all areas of your life, from well-being to business.
Do you want to continue losing yourself and the possibilities that life is offering you, without you being able to grasp them?

The 7steps® Intro Class will allow you to finally reap the fruits that you have ignored so far along the way.

What is this class

This first date with 7steps will romance you into exploring the ease, excitement and simplicity of connecting with yourself and others.
7steps Intro invites you to play with the steps and uncover one of the most elusive and hard to find elements in most encounters: the MAGIC and UNIQUENESS of YOU, while also giving you the opportunity to practice them with others.

How it can help me

By getting an introductory grasp of the 7steps® you will become more present with you, providing yourself with the fundamentals towards a truly flawless communication.
You will be able to observe your daily life from a completely different point of view, which will bring you a breath of fresh air and possibilities that you would not have imagined.

How it is structured

In this two hour class we go through the 7steps and explain how to use them to get more connected with you, recognize when you are not connected, how to reconnect with a broader perspective and how to establish true connection, the 4 phases of the 7steps®.
During the intro class one or two steps are elaborated on through group play, inviting participants to begin using the steps with others.

Duration : 1 day\s

Check your price
(depend on today exchange rate and, for some classes, on your country of residence)

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Burcu Aybey

Burcu Aybey host
+90 5448928752

This Event will be managed by Burcu Aybey (aybeyburcuu@gmail.com)
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