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Let’s activate your capacity to transform desires into reality and create a lifestyle that works for you, your body, your bank account and your peace of mind.

There are three different types of sessions, each with a different focus. However, they all will generate more health, wealth and beauty in your life:

  • Business   and career development sessions
  • Flawless   Communication   sessions
  • Access Consciousness   sessions:

Each session will give you the inspiration, tools and steps you require to ignite your magic and change your world.

What transformation can you begin that will create the change you have been asking for?

Once you have booked and paid for the session please contact to agree upon the meeting time and location.
Please note that the sessions are considered booked when scheduled and paid.
Session recordings are sent to you after the session.

Flawless Communication Sessions

Flawless Communication Sessions

Would you like to convert difficult relationships into win-win enjoyable experiences?
Are you ready to have more ease relating to people regardless of the situation?

These Flawless Communication sessions allow you to discover what is truly magical about you and show you how to use that to feel more confidence and less stress in your interactions with others. Whether it is with your partners, kids, family, colleagues or public speaking.
The beauty here is that every area of your life changes and it all begins to have a resonating, ripple effect and opens up a new world of possibilities, as if by magic.

What if your way of communicating were what the world has been waiting for?

These sessions will guide you gently to open up your capacity to interact with others in your unique way and invite them to see your magic.

It may not be easy initially but these sessions show you how to integrate this approach into your daily encounters.

Online & In-person

250 EUR

450 EUR

Access Transformational Energy Sessions

Access Transformational Energy Sessions

When you do a private Access session with Kass you have access to all the tools of Access Consciousness and open up the possibilities of going beyond the indoctrination and belief systems of this reality.

For almost 20 years Kass has been hosting and facilitating the various specialty classes of Access thanks to the Founders of Access, Gary Douglas and Dain Heer.
From verbal processing, to body processes, from SOP sessions to entity clearings and more, these sessions with Kass allow you to unlock the binary encodings that prevent you from accessing your telepathic and humanoid capacities.
Is it time to reclaim all of your humanoid skills and connect with your communicative genius?
The changes are dynamic and undefinable, and the results will free you from the chains of limited reality.

Take the leap and free yourself from the glass ceiling that has been holding you and your body in lockdown, way before Coronavirus.

These sessions allow you to clear the past, be present in the present moment and create a future that is beyond your wildest imagination.

These Access Consciousness sessions are quick and dynamic.
Sign up now and get a whirlwind of possibilities in one session.

Let's go!

In-person only

150 EUR

250 EUR

325 EUR

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