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What transformation can a private session with Kass open up for you that will create the change you have been asking for?

When you do a private sessions the rules that dictate the limitations of this reality do not apply.

The possibilities of going beyond all the indoctrination and the belief systems that hold them in place are infinite.

Kass Thomas now offers a limited number of private sessions.

These can also be scheduled via SKYPE or ZOOM.

The focus of energy on you and your situation with personalized verbal clearings will allow you to move quickly through situations where you can see no way out.

Private sessions allow you to go deeper and to have tools created for you specifically.

Clearings are powerful and move the energy around you so your life experience begins to change dramatically. Is this a gift you would like to give yourself?

There are a very limited number of sessions available in person.

What transformation can you begin that will create the change you have been asking for?

Once you have booked and paid for the session please contact to agree upon the meeting time and location.
Please note that the sessions are considered booked when scheduled and paid.
Session recordings are sent to you after the session.

Kass Private Sessions

Kass Private Sessions

These one-on-one sessions are tailor made for you so that you can achieve your goals in life.

The first step is to get clear on what you desire in this particular moment or in life.
Together we will tailor/design the path that works best for you.
In the initial session (30'), we map out a path and the steps that respond to your targets.

These initial sessions are so illuminating that you may choose to just receive the map and continue on the path on your own.
If you choose the additional sessions (30') you will be accompanied by a step-by-step approach to opening up a new reality for you.

Specific processes and tools are provided for you in these sessions so that you can move forward with clarity.
Clarity allows you to test out solutions and adjust them to fit your own particular situation; initially, you head in the direction you chose, but then if you change your mind or have different choices present themselves, you will have support in changing paths in order to pursue your dreams.

Do you think you have to do everything alone?
Are you willing to have support?

Try the initial session and see what potential you have that you might not be acknowledging fully.

100 EUR

50 EUR

Access Clearing Sessions

Access Clearing Sessions

A different approach to your life and living.

These Access Consciousness™ clearing sessions are quick and dynamic.
They create immediate change by opening up a new space for you and your body to choose from.

Are you ready to shift your personal and professional life situations and gain more clarity?

Let's go!

30 EUR

50 EUR

7steps Bootcamp Sessions

7steps Bootcamp Sessions

Would you like to convert problematic and difficult situations into win-win enjoyable experiences?

Are you ready to convert obstacles into possibilities?

Improve your communication skills so you can have more ease in every area of your life.

100 EUR

150 EUR