Kass Thomas
Dancing with Riches 2 Day Workshop

Dancing with Riches 2 Day Workshop

The Ease and Amusement of Living Consciously with Business and Money

Super intensive 2-day workshop that starts with you and how to use your talents to create success in business and life with group dynamics.

This 2-day workshop is a hands-on workshop with group interaction and presentations.

At the end of the second day you have a project ready to take wings. During that second day Kass will take you even deeper into some uneasy areas of your life and will help you to transform everything with ease.

You can start changing gray and dull moments of your business (and not only) life into more bright and enjoyable ones! You will have the opportunity to work on case scenarios with other people present in the class, develop your skills and put into physical actualization all the tools you learned and assimilated during the first day.

You will learn how to apply all your talents, what you do with ease and joy, into your life and your business, including presentations, promotions, sales and marketing.

You will discover how to create a perfect business for you.

Who desires a better job, a more prosperous business, flawless communication skills, amazing co-workers and employees?

You do?

Join Kass for this ‘magically-transforming-your- life-your-business-and-your- entire-world' workshop.

What else can you discover about you during this second day?

It is only up to you!

What Kass says about this class: “My new specialty Class Dancing with Riches is amazing.

It’s about getting your projects together and getting practice in working with your skills in a group.

At the end of the class each group develops and presents the project, that they have elaborated together based on their skills and interest”.

Sounds exciting???

Join Kass!

Kass Thomas