Kass Thomas
7Steps- Intro Class

7Steps- Intro Class

formerly known as 7steps Prelude

How can you  interact with others to enhance your life experiences and gain more clarity, ease and money?

Recognize and acknowledge your talents, abilities and gifts and put them to work for you to improve your life, living and business.

This first date with 7Steps will romance you into exploring the ease, excitement and simplicity of connecting with yourself and others.

7Steps Intro will invite you to play with the steps and uncover one of the most elusive and hard to find elements in most encounters: the magic and uniqueness of you.

When you are present with you and using the 7Steps your communication becomes flawless.

Based on the book by Kass Thomas, 7Steps to Flawless Communication, which shows you how to communicate so that this reality works for you!

With small meditations and exercises and tangible tips:  in more than 15 languages on paper, audio, ebook

Pre-requisites: None
Kass Thomas