Kass Thomas
7Steps- Explosion

7Steps- Explosion

Connect to your communicative genius

Invite the world to applaud your brilliance with effective and unlimited results.

This is an interactive and transformational 2-day class with 7steps founder, Kass Thomas.

Everyone is the protagonist and we get to observe and play with different tools from different modalities, including Access Consciousness, Tchi Kong, meditation, and so much more.

Being willing to recognize what step or tool will create the change you are looking for, is a muscle that is developed in these trainings.

Are you willing to engage with whatever tools it takes to have your own flawless communication?

A way of communicating that works for you?

Join one of the workshop of your dreams where you get a chance to truly explore new ways of receiving and giving information with a lover, a friend, a colleague, a group of people, and the world.

It also meets one of the prerequisites should you desire to become a Prelude Teacher or 7steps Corporate Trainer.

If you would like a detailed description of the 2-day class, go ahead and sign up now, and send your request to info@kassthomas.com

Pre-requisites: None
Kass Thomas