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7Steps- Prelude

7Steps- Prelude

Learn & experience the 7Steps

No one does you better than you: begin expanding your range of influence.

This 1-day class will inspire you to go beyond the traditional methods of communication in order to achieve new goals when connecting with others.

Each of the steps is gone over in depth, so that at the end of the training, you will be able to recall and use the steps with great ease in your daily life.

From initial explanations to one-on-one exercises, from group role-play to real life scenarios, from accurate and feedback to specific suggestions, this class is designed to help you go immediately beyond your current spectrum of communicative prowess – in business, relationships, and with the world.

The workshop leaves you with a new perspective on how you are currently functioning and communicating with others, and provides you with information that allows you to choose a new approach that works for you. This gives you a different level of flexibility when it comes to achieving a desired outcome. It will change the way you relate to others in all areas of your life, and allow your unique way of being to shine.

Prelude is an introductory piece of music, most commonly an orchestral opening to an act of an opera, the first movement of a suite, or a piece preceding a fugue.

This 1-day workshop provides you with the basis to explore how you can increase your enjoyment and authenticity in relating with ease.

The Prelude class is fulfilling by itself and can currently be attended with Kass or a 7steps Teacher, before or after one of the 2-day 7steps workshops with Kass Thomas: 7steps Explosion and 7steps to Abundance.

During the 7steps Prelude, we get introduced to each of the easy steps of flawless communication and see how to play with them in our daily lives.

Prelude class Outline: In this 1-day class, after an initial overview of the 7steps to Flawless Communication you will go through each steps in an interactive way.

The first phase is about “connecting” with who you really are and having communion with your body.

If you would like a detailed description of the 1-day class, go ahead and sign up now, and send your request to info@kassthomas.com

Pre-requisites: None
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