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Zoominar-on Web

Energy Pulls

Moving forward with no attachments... Now what?

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Zoominar, on Web.

20 September - 19 October 2018
5pm cet/ 9am mountain /11am eastern


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Kass Thomas

Kass Thomas

Energy Pulls

Moving forward with no attachments... Now what?

What if these are the tools that you could use to invite people to engage with what you would most like to create in the world?

Do you see the fruits that are ready for plucking?

1 Month with Kass Thomas

Starting 20th September 2018

3 energy pulls (Mon, Wed, Fri) every week for 1 month

Thursday 20th September - Friday 19th October

5pm cet/ 9am mountain

Plus a 45 minute group clearing call: Engaging the elementals

Interaction in a private members only Facebook group.

Investment in you €169

Are you willing to have an adventure?

The best performers all pull energy – that’s why we adore them!

The worst salesmen push energy at us – that’s why we don’t adore them!!

Most people assume they can get what they would like by pushing energy at other people.

Have you ever noticed how much that pushing energy is NOT an invitation?

What if everything is the opposite of what it appears to be?

The Energy Pulls manual provides detailed information on how to use energy pulls to create everything you would like in your life and business.

There’s examples relating to business, money, performing, kids and more!

What invitation could these tools be to creating way more consciousness on the planet??

Duration:30 day\s