A Taste of Kass

What if your stumbling blocks were actually the foundation for creation?

Party in the Bay of Plenty

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 22 September 2017
 6.30pm- 8.30pm


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Party in the Bay of Plenty

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In this evening class, Kass invites you to approach your life differently presenting you with a variety of pragmatic tools and discovering choices to make living a continuous adventure.

In this evening class, Kass creates space for insightful exploration of previously held explanations, ideas and autoresponders with personal examples and stories that resonate with each one of us. Her years of interactions with people in various workshops and teaching classes around the world using the pragmatic tools of Access Consciousness have provided a treasure trove of imaginative illustrations. She empowers people to know what they know and invites them to truly experience through embodiment how possible it is to live a life where ease, joy and glory abound. A natural communicator, her strategic capacities enable her to see many alternatives to any given situation. These evenings take on a momentum of their own as stumbling blocks become the foundation for creation. Kass celebrates different cultures and enjoys speaking a variety of languages. She demonstrates effortlessly again and again how discovering the contribution of being different can influence our lives and impact those around us. She engages people so that everyone receives special attention and this space of inclusion encourages you to express your unique talents without judgement. Imagine... a space of no judgment. What would your life and the world be like if you could choose not to succum to judgement and everything, single thing were truly just an interesting point of view? The space of allowance in her universe is an invitation to freely create more in your life. Would you like to be willing to be contagious and erase judgment? How much more ease and enjoyment are you willing to have and be?

Duration : 1 day\s


Kass Thomas

Kass Thomas Facilitator

Moana Brown

Moana Brown host
+64 276357050

Sharon Gibson

Sharon Gibson host
+81 0212442811

Michelle Edhouse

Michelle Edhouse host
+64 0272701948

This Event will be managed by Kass Thomas (bill.kassthomas@gmail.com)
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