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  25/10/2023     20:30->22:30 CEST   Check your local time HERE

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Right Voice For You is a system and a set of techniques that allow you to be the voice you are in the world.

To give you that place where you become the best you are and you can present who you are with ease.

If you knew you couldn't fail, then what? Are you tired of trying to be perfect all of the time?

What if BEING YOU is far greater than being perfect ever could be?

What would it be like to share your message & your voice with the world? ... without any judgement of you

What Do You Say That is Stupid? A one day Right Voice for You class looking at the place where you never make you less to be heard or understood.

Duration :1 day\s

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Kass Thomas

Kass Thomas Facilitator

This Event will be managed by Kass Thomas (bill.kassthomas@gmail.com)
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