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Access Your Communication Genius - Intro

An Access Specialty Class by Kass Thomas

on Web Zoominar, Web.

  23/04/2021     17:00->19:00   Check your local time HERE

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Access Your Communication Genius - Intro

An Access Specialty Class by Kass Thomas

on Web Zoominar, Web.

  23/04/2021     17:00->19:00   Check your local time HERE

  العربية 汉语 English Italiano Türkçe

29 registrations already!

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Arabic   العربية

تمامًا. حتى عندما لا يكون الاهتزاز مسموعًا ، فقد لا نسمعه في الواقع ، لكن لا يزال بإمكاننا إدراكه ومعرفة أنه موجود.


ما هو جمال حاسة السمع الرائعة التي يمكن أن نعترف بها والتي ستسمح لنا بتوسيع حواسنا خارج حدود هذا الواقع؟


انضم إلي في فصلي القادم :

مقدمة الوصول الى تواصلك العبقري 

الموضوع : افتح أذنيك واستمع

23 أبريل 2021




Chinese   汉语





加入我的下一节课: Access你的沟通天赋先导课

主题: 打开你的耳朵并聆听



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English   English

When we are willing to acknowledge all the vibrations we are aware of, we can hear vibrations and sounds in a whole different way. Even when a vibration is not audible, we may not actually hear it, but we can still perceive it and know it is there.


What beauty of this wonderful sense of hearing can we acknowledge that will allow us to expand our senses beyond the limitations of this reality?


Join Me for my upcoming class: Access Your Communication Genius Intro

Topic: Open your ears and listen

April 23rd, 2021


Check your local time here: https://bit.ly/3tuMBCR 

Register here: https://www.kassthomas.com/event-detail/1265/access_your_communication_genius_-_intro  


Turkish   Türkçe

Farkında olduğumuz tüm titreşimleri kabul etmeye gönüllü olduğumuzda bizler titreşimleri ve sesleri tamamen farklı bir biçimde duyabiliriz. Bir titreşim işitmeye elverişli olmadığında bile aslında onu işitemesek de buna rağmen hala onu algılarız ve orada olduğunu biliriz. 

Bize bu realitenin sınırlamalarının ötesinde duyularımızı genişletmeye imkan sağlayacak hangi muhteşem işitme duyumuzun güzelliğini kabul edebiliriz?

Yaklaşan sınıfımda Bana Katılın: Kendi İletişim Dehanıza Erişin İntro

23 Nisan 2021


Daha Fazlasını Öğrenmek için BURAYA Tıklayın https://www.kassthomas.com/event-detail/1265/access_your_communication_genius_-_intro 


the invite

Communicating with yourself, your body, and others is not always easy. Deciphering messages you receive and choosing how to respond or react is often confusing.

This Intro class is about getting you familiar with the various aspects of communication and exploring how to create an atmosphere that works best for YOU.

Discover practical application of the tools in relationship, business and body harmony.

Are you ready to communicate beyond the limitations of this reality?

Is it time to be the change you know is possible in your world and on the planet?

Join this class and let’s invite this change together.
Some of the areas we explore during the classes are:

  • Creating Access Energy Flows
  • Light & Heavy
  • Body language
  • Out-creating abuse
  • And so much more ...


What is this class?

This is an introduction to some unique approaches to the practical tools of Access Consciousness: how to use them to improve the ways you invite yourself and others to communicate.

In this Introductory class, Kass invites participants to an in depth exploration of how to CREATE ENERGY FLOWS and demonstrates through interactive exercises the different approaches you can take to achieve the results you desire.

In addition, you will learn some basic clearings around communication that will allow you to recognize what you have always known but perhaps have not yet been willing to use or acknowledge.

How it can help me?

This Intro class shows you how to recognize where you, other people and things around you are functioning from.
In particular, by getting better acquainted with how to use the Access Energy Flows and other tools you’ll be able to interact with people in a magical way to achieve the communicative results you desire.

How is structured?

This intro class begins with QUESTIONS.

Access questions help you unlock barriers that don’t allow you to access your knowledge about different ways communication has shown up in your life.

We use the CLEARING statement of Access (www.clearingstatement.com) to open up new possibilities that have not been available before.

Then we play with ENERGY FLOWS to demonstrate examples of common scenarios and show you how easily you can access your communication genius and change the atmosphere.

We end the Intro class with questions, feedback and clearings in order to provide participants with some suggestions on how to use these tools to open up even more in the future.

How long does it last?

Usually the event last 2 hour

Duration :1 day\s

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Kass Thomas

Kass Thomas Facilitator

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