Kass Thomas
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7Steps- Explosion

Preço especial até 31 de dezembro de 2019!

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25 - 26 January 2020

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Kass Thomas

Kass Thomas

7Steps- Explosion

Preço especial até 31 de dezembro de 2019!

Special price until December 31st 2019!
In 2020 the class will have a price increase

Preço especial até 31 de dezembro de 2019!
Em 2020 a turma terá aumento de preço

Connect to your communicative genius: Invite the world to applaud your brilliance with effective and unlimited results.

This is an interactive and transformational 2-day class with 7steps founder, Kass Thomas. 

Everyone is the protagonist and we get to observe and play with different tools from different modalities, including Access Consciousness, Tchi Kong, mediation, and so much more.

Being willing to recognize what step or tool will create the change you are looking for, is a muscle that is developed in these trainings. Are you willing to engage with whatever tools it takes to have your own flawless communication?

A way of  communicating that works for you?

Join one of the workshop of your dreams where you get a chance to truly explore new ways of receiving and giving information with a lover, a friend, a colleague, a group of people, and the world. 

It also meets one of the prerequisites should you desire to become a Prelude Teacher or 7Steps Corporate Trainer.

Explosion Workshop Outline:

This 2-day workshop is quite dynamic and interactive. Throughout the 2-days participants get to know one another and establish a level of community between them which allows them to have comfort and ease in expressing themselves before others.

Day 1 is quite similar to the 1.day Prelude class in that each step is gone over thoroughly. 

However throughout the day one and two participants have various opportunities to address the group for predetermined amounts of time on preselected topics.

Day 1

Day 1 morning part 1

The day  starts off with each person present, including Kass Thomas, doing a quick presentation of who they are why they are there and what they would like to get out of the 2 days. During the initial overview of the 7steps to Flawless Communication Kass points out different steps that she suggests each participants pay attention to which may be useful for accomplishing the desire they expressed during the initial introduction.

Participants are invited to ask questions and share personal or hypothetical experiences through each steps in an interactive way. The point is to go over the steps but also to get participants used to speaking in a group session about specific topics or questions relative to the discussion in progress.

The first phase is about “connecting” with who you really are and having communion with your body.

These involve 

  • Step 1: Show me the Magic
  • Step 2: Listen to your Body

This phase invites the audience to recognize what is special about them that they may take for granted.

This is a perfect warm up exercise that immediately gets people in touch with themselves.

While introducing Step 1, One on one people are paired up or sometimes a couple is chosen to come before the class and explore this topic in a variety of ways.

While introducing Step 2 (Listen to your Body) there are a couple of interaction exercises for participants to have some fun with. We walk participants through simple ways to recognize the language of their body and distinguish the different responses their bodies give them, they get to play with some easy examples which opens up a deeper understanding of how the signals from the body connect you to your intuitive awareness and how this can help in flawless communication.

Day 1 morning part 2

The second phase is about “disconnecting”

The steps covered in this second phase are: 

  • Step 3: Barriers Down
  • Step 4: Go beyond the veil

This phase encourages people to recognize when they are not being true to themselves. We often go into reaction or put in airs or a mask to deal with difficult people or situations that trigger us. This takes you out of your area of power and gets you off balance. This phase can help you recognize when that is happening to you and when other people are doing that too. So instead of going into reaction and losing your well balanced center, you can identify the most effective way for you to establish true connection and thereby have more effective communication with yourself and others.

The barriers down exercise used in the demonstration of Step 3 (see photos attached) is again a group exercise but something each individual does in their own time as well. As a group, participants discuss what they noticed as their barriers came down and as the barriers of those around them came down. We discuss what goes on in the body as well.

A demonstration of the types of veils and masks we put in to create a separation with others is extremely enlightening and everyone recognizes when where how and why they do that.

The third phase is about “reconnecting”

  • Step 5: Engage the Universe
  • Step 6: Expand Your zone

This part comes at a perfect time in the workshop - about half way through -when people are warmed up and ready for a more playful and dynamic interaction.


Day 1 afternoon part 1

Step 5: Engage the Universe

To demonstrate this, participants are paired up to do a face to face dynamic exercise with topics familiar to all. Participants are give explicit instructions on how to play different roles and communicate with their partner using commonly encountered behavioral characteristics. 

This is a turning point in the workshop and people are truly surprised to discover exactly how familiar they are with interacting in non communicative ways, and how often they have encountered these behaviors in their lives without acknowledging exactly what was going on. Sometimes we use scenarios specific to the groups orientation, other times we pick random topics and behavior to show the common thread that shows up in very diverse situations. 

It becomes quite lear how often others have used such approaches with them and how they have reacted without realizing what was really going on. 

In the debriefing part that follows the face-to-face exercise and role play, participants discover what is effective and not so effective in their approach to communication. They get a chance to look at non judgmental ways to use this information to make different choices in their communication style in the future.

Day 1 afternoon part 2

Step 6: Expand Your zone

In the Prelude workshop this step is approached as an exercise to relieve stress and anxiety when interacting with others. 

After a brief introduction participants are invited to stand up and learn how to use this step to reduce the stress by inviting more expansion in the areas of their body that perceive anxiety or contraction.

This is quite easy to do once shown and is a very handy rescue kit when dealing with difficult people or situations and feeling angry, anxious or reactionary.

The last phase is about “establishing true connection” and involves 

  • Step 7: Connect with the Earth

During the first day of the 7steps Explosion workshop participants go through Step 6 and directly into Step 7, guiding them through a connecting with earth exercise which finishes the workshop in a way that brings together all of the elements of the class and ends the day in a peaceful and harmonious way. Participants leave the first day of the workshop feeling uplifted, fulfilled and expansive, having discovered a connection with self that they many have never dreamt possible.


Day 2

Day two is a day of individual group exercises, discussions and presentations

Day 2 morning session part 1

Participants choose a topic and a step and prepare to speak about that topic in the afternoon with the help and support of their group members

Kass visits the various groups to assist them in receiving information about their topic using the steps their fellow team members have chosen. Information on their topic from other participants - that they may or may not use during their afternoon main presentation - includes an exploration of Steps 6 and / /Expand your zone and connect with the earth, two steps which are highly encouraged during the presentations.

Day 2 morning session part 2

Participants complete the preparation of their topic and give  15 - 30 second trailer talk or elevator speech inviting the audience to come and hear their talk after lunch

Day 2 afternoon part 1

Participants come up and present their topic suing the 7steps

Feedback is given upon request and participants may represent their topic incorporating their own observations and the feedback from other participants

Day 2 afternoon part 2

After a summary of the lessons and experiences from the day and suggestions from Kass, participants play with going up on the stage choosing random cards and topics.

Often they choose to go up and express their gratitude for the training.

There is filming which goes on throughout the 2-day period and the changes are radical in each and every person.

Closing ceremony

Certificates of completion are given out at the end of the workshops and information about how participants may continue with 7steps training and or pursue their license to Teach the 7steps approach to others through the 7steps Teacher’s Program.

Follow up sessions are available online for those interested.

For more information about workshops, book orders and business training contact team@7steps.com or visit  the website Www.7steps.us

Duration:2 day\s