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Dancing With Riches - Free Zoom

Simple steps to invite more money and success into your business and your life. Now.
Have you ever thought about what is so vital and valuable for you that you cannot imagine living without it?
What is that for you?
We play with energy flows, explore the elements of creation. You will see how to effortlessly include YOU in your own life and business without excluding others.

How much more can you generate and create in your life and business when you are being true to you and having fun?


Join me for an intimate conversation with guests from around the world.

These video events are live and can be watched later too.

It's an informal setting, as if you were in your living room.

We talk about a variety of topics, with a variety of guests in a variety of languages.

Pull up a chair and join the conversation, or sit on the couch and listen

Please check time, date (and language).

ON line video or on the phone, on zoom!

Duration : 1 day\s


Kass Thomas

Kass Thomas Facilitator

Beata Swiacka

Beata Swiacka host
+48 662001007

This Event will be managed by Kass Thomas (bill.kassthomas@gmail.com)
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