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What I love about the tools of access 「アクセスのツールの何を私は愛しているのか」

How to use the tools of access in your everyday life and get the most out of every moment This is a free zoom call.

10月17日 日本時間8pm~ 「アクセスのツールの何を私は愛しているのか」

アクセスのツールを毎日どうやって、人生に毎日使うのか。そして、どう、あらゆる瞬間を最大限に活用するのか。 これは、無料のzoom コールです。

Join me for an intimate conversation with guests from around the world.

These video events are live and can be watched later too.

It's an informal setting, as if you were in your living room.

We talk about a variety of topics, with a variety of guests in a variety of languages.

Pull up a chair and join the conversation, or sit on the couch and listen

Please check time, date (and language).

ON line video or on the phone, on zoom!

Duration : 1 day\s


Kass Thomas

Kass Thomas Facilitator

Ren Asagiri

Ren Asagiri host
+81 +81753616898

Maki Kishimoto

Maki Kishimoto host
+81 -80-4492-7708

This Event will be managed by Kass Thomas (bill.kassthomas@gmail.com)
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