3 STEPS - 1 year Program

3 STEPS: 1-year Plan

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3 STEPS: 1-year Plan

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3 STEPS:  1 Year Early Bird (11.999 euros) + Private sessions + classes
The Full Price of this duration is 14.000 euros 

1 Year Plan MORE THAN 20% OFF SAVE OVER  €2.000!

Past the point of no return. 

Includes 2.700€ + 700€ Bonus material

What you get:

Daily content + bonus material and continuous interaction in the 3 STEPS community

  • 6 private sessions (valued at 2.700€)
  • 1-day workshop of your choice from (valued at 700€)
  • Daily content
  • 2 interactive 90-minute zooms per month
  • 1 Guest zoom per month
  • 1 Expert zoom per month
  • Weekly challenges
  • Downloadable Workbook 


This 1 year program is BEYOND anything and everything you have ever desired or received:

  • Private sessions (worth € 2.00)
  • A 1-day workshop of your choice (worth € 700)

By joining the 3 STEPS Program, for any duration you choose, you will focus on ​a  New and different topic every month along with the essence of the 3 STEPS: Step in, Step up, Step out.

Learn how to have a continuity of presence, nurturing support, and unveil your capacities to express yourself with more confidence and ease in different areas of your life.

According to your choice in length of program you.will receive additional content and bonus material that will be invaluable to your life.

During this time, you will embark on a journey, accompanied by all participants and led by Kass Thomas's Brilliance and Life long Experience!

The 3 STEPS Program gives you a variety of tools that allow you to choose how to Step In without discomfort, Step Up and acknowledge the gifts you are so that you can Step Out beyond your current state and see and be seen for who you truly are.

With the unique approach by Kass and expert guests, you will have access to choices that work for you.

After your completion, the program will always be an accompaniment as it includes lifetime access!

Duration : 396 day\s

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Kass Thomas

Kass Thomas Facilitator

This Event will be managed by Kass Thomas (bill.kassthomas@gmail.com)
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