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  31 January 2023

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هذه دعوة للجميع ليشاهدوا السحر الذى انت عليه .

هل أنت على استعداد للانخراط في أي أدوات تطلبها لتكون فى اتصال تام؟

طريقة للتواصل تناسبك؟

بانضمامك الى هذه الورشة الخاصة ستتاح لك فرصة استكشاف طرق جديدة  للتواصل وتلقي المعلومات ومشاركتها مع كل من حولك، والعالم بأسره.


ما هي هذه الورشة؟

هى ورشة عمل تفاعلية ونقلة الى ما يساعدك على التواصل.

ستقودك هذه الورشة إلى التعرف بعمق على ما لا تعرفه عن نفسك، أثناء اللعب بالخطوات السبعة من وجهات نظر جديدة ومختلفة.

ستكتشف قدرتك على الشعور بالراحة عند التحدث في الأماكن العامة، او فى الاجتماعات الخاصة بالعمل أو مع عائلتك وأصدقائك وستتمكن من تجربة السهولة التي يمكنك بها دمج هذه الأدوات في حياتك.


كيف يمكن أن تساعدني هذه الورشة؟

ستساعدك هذه التدريبات على تطوير قوة الاستعداد للتعرف على الخطوة أو الأداة التي ستحدث التغيير الذي تبحث عنه في حياتك.

ستتمتع بثقة أكبر بالنفس، وستدرك طريقتك الفريدة في رؤية الأشياء وقدرتك على التعبير عن نفسك بحرية تامة بعيدا عن الأحكام والتوقعات.

سيسمح لك هذا الفصل برؤية الهدية التي انت عليه وتقدمها للعالم!


كيف يتم تنظيمها؟

تبدأ هذه الورشة بالتعرف علي الخطوات والخوض فيها كل واحدة على حدة.

ويتم التفاعل مع كل خطوة من قبل المشاركين واللعب بهذه الخطوات لاختيار أفضل طريقة لتوصيل رسالتهم ودعوة كل من يتواصلون معه لفعل الشيء نفسه.

إنها مرحة وتمكينية وتتيح للجميع التخلص من أي موانع لديهم بشأن التواصل بطريقتهم الفريدة.


مدة الورشة :

يوم واحد لمدة 5 ساعات

مطلوب : 

عند تسجيلك فى هذه الورشة يطلب منك ترك معلومات الاتصال الخاص بك أو مراسلة المعلم .


المعلم ومعلومات الاتصال:

جلال قلاو




كريمة الرباعى التنسيق بالجزائر


.This is an invitation for everyone to see the magic that you are

?Are you willing to engage in whatever tools you require to be fully connected

?How do you communicate

By joining this special workshop, you will have the opportunity to explore new ways of communicating, receiving, sharing information with everyone around you, and .all  the world


?What is this workshop

.It is an interactive workshop and a transfer to what helps you to communicate

.This workshop will lead you to know in deep what you don't know about yourself, while playing the 7 Steps from new and different perspectives

You will discover your ability to feel comfortable speaking in public, in private meetings at work or with your family and friends and you will be able to experience the .ease with which you can integrate these tools into your life


?How can this workshop help me

.These class will help you develop the strength of willingness to recognize the step or tool that will bring about the change you are looking for in your life

You will have more self-confidence, and you will realize your unique way of seeing things and your ability to express yourself completely freely, away from judgments .and expectations

.This class will allow you to see the gift that you are for this world

?How is it organized

.This workshop begins with getting to know the steps and going through them one by one

Each step is interacted with by the participants, playing with these steps to choose the best way to get their message across and inviting everyone they come into contact with to do the same

.It's fun and empowering and allows everyone to let go of any inhibitions they have about communicating in their own unique way


:Workshop Duration

One day for fıve hours


When you register in this workshop, you are requested to leave your contact information, or contact the teacher







orgnization Algaria 

Karema Alroubai


No one does you better than you: begin expanding your range of impact.
This workshop will inspire you to go beyond the traditional methods of communication in order to achieve new levels of connection with others.
Right now you may be right on the tip of an iceberg... are you willing to take the leap?

What is this class

This class is designed to help you go immediately beyond your current spectrum of communicative prowess – in business, relationships, and with the world.
The word “Prelude” means an introductory piece of music, most commonly an orchestral opening to an act of an opera.
Here, it refers to the introduction to each of the easy steps of flawless communication and to an interactive approach on how to play with them in our daily lives.
It is a 1-day workshop that will provide you with the basis to recognize and explore how you can become proficient in your own authentic way of communicating with ease.
The Prelude class is fulfilling by itself and can currently be attended with Kass or a 7steps Teacher, before or after one of the 2-day 7steps workshops with Kass Thomas: 7steps Explosion and 7steps to Abundance.

How can it help me

The workshop leaves you with a new perspective on how you are currently functioning and communicating with others, and provides you with information that allows you to choose a new approach that works better for you.
This gives you a different level of flexibility when it comes to achieving a desired outcome and provides you with a realistic and practical approach to communicate with yourself, your body, other people and the world.
It will change the way you relate to others in all areas of your life, and allow your unique way of being to shine.

How it is structured

Each of the steps will be explained in depth providing the participants the ability to recall and use the steps with great ease on everyday situations by the end of the training.
You will also go over the questions and practical exercises connected to the steps, while being guided into connecting the dots between each question or exercise and real life scenarios.
Time is going to be given to answering participants’ questions, to creating an open discussion and to providing specific feedback and suggestions, which will open the door to new perspectives on who they are and who they are not.

How long does it last

5 hours

Duration :1 day\s

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Jalal Glaw

Jalal Glaw host

This Event will be managed by Jalal Glaw (jalalglaw@bowabtalmagd.ly)
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