Kass Thomas

Access Your Communication Genius - Intro

An Access Specialty Class by Kass Thomas

on Web Zoominar, Web.

  14/02/2022     13:00->14:30 CET   Check your local time HERE

  English Español Türkçe

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Access Your Communication Genius - Intro

An Access Specialty Class by Kass Thomas

on Web Zoominar, Web.

  14/02/2022     13:00->14:30 CET   Check your local time HERE

  English Español Türkçe

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What are the elements of Intimacy?

What does intimacy mean to you? Many people believe that if you have sex you are being intimate. 

What if it were so much more than that? 

Intimacy starts with you: honoring you, trusting you, being vulnerable with you, having gratitude for you without  EVER judging you.

What if more clarity about intimacy with you was the most simple way to expand your capacity to create and receive more in your life and living?

Intimacy is about communication, and it starts with you. Are you willing to receive and engage with this communication and see what is truly possible?

Is now the time to expand your intimacy?

Join Kass, an expert in communication throughout the world and the universe, for this 1 day class and increase your potency ,your life, your living and your reality. 

Spanish (Castilian)   Español

¿Cuáles son los elementos de la intimidad?

¿Qué significa para ti la intimidad? Mucha gente cree que si tienes sexo estás teniendo intimidad.
¿Y si fuera mucho más que eso?
La intimidad comienza contigo: honrándote, confiando en ti, siendo vulnerable contigo, agradeciéndote sin juzgarte NUNCA.

¿Qué pasaría si una mayor claridad sobre la intimidad contigo fuera la forma más sencilla de expandir tu capacidad de crear y recibir más en tu vida y en tu vivir?
La intimidad se trata de comunicación, y comienza contigo. ¿Estás dispuesto a recibir y comprometerte con esta comunicación y ver lo que es realmente posible?
¿Es ahora el momento de expandir tu intimidad?

Turkish   Türkçe

Yakınlığın unsurları nelerdir?

Yakınlık sizin için ne ifade ediyor? Birçok insan, seks yaptığınızda samimi olduğunuza inanır.

Peki ya bundan çok daha fazlası olsaydı?

Yakınlık sizinle başlar: kendinizi onurlandırmak, kendinize güvenmek, kendinizle savunmasız olmak, HİÇ yargılamadan kendinize minnettar olmak.

Ya sizinle yakınlık hakkında daha fazla netlik, yaşamınızda ve yaşamınızda daha fazlasını yaratma ve alma kapasitenizi genişletmenin en basit yoluysa?

Ya kendinizle yakınlık hakkında daha fazla netlik, yaşamınızda ve yaşamınızda daha fazlasını yaratmak ve alıp kabul etmek kapasitenizi genişletmenin en basit yoluysa?

Yakınlığın kapsamını genişletmenin şimdi zamanı geldi mi?

Bu 1 günlük sınıf için tüm dünyada ve evrende iletişim uzmanı olan Kass'a katılın ve gücünüzü hayatınızı, yaşamınızı ve realitenizi artırın.

the invite

Communicating with yourself, your body, and others is not always easy. Deciphering messages you receive and choosing how to respond or react is often confusing.

This Intro class is about getting you familiar with the various aspects of communication and exploring how to create an atmosphere that works best for YOU.

Discover practical application of the tools in relationship, business and body harmony.

Are you ready to communicate beyond the limitations of this reality?

Is it time to be the change you know is possible in your world and on the planet?

Join this class and let’s invite this change together.
Some of the areas we explore during the classes are:

  • Creating Access Energy Flows
  • Light & Heavy
  • Body language
  • Out-creating abuse
  • And so much more ...


What is this class?

This is an introduction to some unique approaches to the practical tools of Access Consciousness: how to use them to improve the ways you invite yourself and others to communicate.

In this Introductory class, Kass invites participants to an in depth exploration of how to CREATE ENERGY FLOWS and demonstrates through interactive exercises the different approaches you can take to achieve the results you desire.

In addition, you will learn some basic clearings around communication that will allow you to recognize what you have always known but perhaps have not yet been willing to use or acknowledge.

How it can help me?

This Intro class shows you how to recognize where you, other people and things around you are functioning from.
In particular, by getting better acquainted with how to use the Access Energy Flows and other tools you’ll be able to interact with people in a magical way to achieve the communicative results you desire.

How is structured?

This intro class begins with QUESTIONS.

Access questions help you unlock barriers that don’t allow you to access your knowledge about different ways communication has shown up in your life.

We use the CLEARING statement of Access (www.clearingstatement.com) to open up new possibilities that have not been available before.

Then we play with ENERGY FLOWS to demonstrate examples of common scenarios and show you how easily you can access your communication genius and change the atmosphere.

We end the Intro class with questions, feedback and clearings in order to provide participants with some suggestions on how to use these tools to open up even more in the future.

How long does it last?

Usually the event last 2 hour

Duration :1 day\s

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