Kass Thomas

Access Your Communication Genius - Intro

An Access Specialty Class by Kass Thomas

on Web Zoominar, Web.

  31/01/2022     13:00->14:30 CET   Check your local time HERE

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Access Your Communication Genius - Intro

An Access Specialty Class by Kass Thomas

on Web Zoominar, Web.

  31/01/2022     13:00->14:30 CET   Check your local time HERE

  English Español Türkçe

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English   English

Creating a new reality


Open up space for the Universe to manifest what you already sense is possible.

Beyond this reality lies a  bright future you already have envisioned even though the world has not yet actually realized it in physical terms.

Your vision of the world would be astounding if you were to include the millions of possibilities available.


Eyesight is the ability to SEE the world in it's physical forms.

Vision, on the other hand, is the capacity to PERCEIVE the boundless energies and omnipresent vibrations BEYOND our realm that can transform the Future to our will, creating a new, different... Better Reality.


NOW is the moment to Harness those energies, to Recognize and Acknowledge the countless possibilities available and to Engage the Universe inviting the molecules to join, multiply and manifest in the physical actualization of the Future YOU desire!


You've already envisioned the tomorrow that has yet to materialize.

Whatever your dreams or goals for the future you'd like to SEE in 2022, There are no limits.


Join Kass Thomas and kick-start the new year engaging with the energies that can turn your visions into Reality. Create the Tomorrow you desire TODAY!

Spanish   Español

Creando una nueva realidad
Abre espacio para que el Universo manifieste lo que ya sientes que es posible.
Más allá de esta realidad se encuentra un futuro brillante que ya has imaginado aunque el mundo aún no lo haya realizado en términos físicos.
Tu visión del mundo sería asombrosa si tuvieras que incluir los millones de posibilidades disponibles.
La vista es la capacidad de VER el mundo en sus formas físicas.
La visión, por otro lado, es la capacidad de PERCIBIR las energías ilimitadas y las vibraciones omnipresentes MÁS ALLÁ de nuestro reino que pueden transformar el Futuro a nuestra voluntad, creando una nueva, diferente... Mejor Realidad.
¡AHORA es el momento de Aprovechar esas energías, de Reconocer y Reconocer las innumerables posibilidades disponibles y de Involucrar al Universo invitando a las moléculas a unirse, multiplicarse y manifestarse en la actualización física del Futuro que TU deseas!
Ya has imaginado el mañana que aún no se ha materializado.
Cualesquiera que sean sus sueños o metas para el futuro que le gustaría VER en 2022, no hay límites.
Únete a Kass Thomas y comienza el nuevo año comprometiéndote con las energías que pueden convertir tus visiones en Realidad. ¡Crea el Mañana que deseas HOY!

Turkish   Türkçe

Yeni bir realite yaratmak.

Zaten mümkün olduğunu hissettiğiniz şeyi tezahür ettirmek için Evrene alan açın.
Bu realitenin ötesinde, dünya henüz bunu fiziksel olarak gerçekleştirmemiş olsa da, sizin öteden beri vizyonunuz olan parlak bir gelecek yatıyor.

Mevcut ve mümkün olan milyonlarca olasılığı dahil etseydiniz, dünyaya dair vizyonunuz şaşırtıcı olurdu.
Görmek, dünyayı fiziksel formlarında GÖRME yeteneğidir.
Vizyon ise, geleceği kendi irademize dönüştürebilen, yeni, farklı... Daha İyi Gerçeklik yaratabilen, alemimizin ÖTESİNDEKİ sınırsız enerjileri ve her yerde hazır ve nazır titreşimleri ALGILAMAK kapasitesidir.
ŞİMDİ bu enerjileri Harmanlama, mevcut sayısız olasılığı Fark etmek ve Kabul Etmek ve Evrenle Etkileşime Geçip molekülleri arzu ettiğiniz Geleceğin fiziksel gerçekleşmesinde birleşmeye, çoğalmaya ve tezahür etmeye davet etmek zamanıdır!
Henüz gerçekleşmemiş olan yarının vizyonuna zaten sahipsiniz.
2022'de görmek istediğiniz gelecek için hayalleriniz veya hedefleriniz ne olursa olsun, Sınır yok.
Kass Thomas'a katılın ve vizyonlarınızı Gerçekliğe dönüştürebilecek enerjilerle bağlantıya geçerek yeni yıla hızlı bir başlangıç yapın. Arzu ettiğiniz Yarını BUGÜN yaratın!


the invite

Communicating with yourself, your body, and others is not always easy. Deciphering messages you receive and choosing how to respond or react is often confusing.

This Intro class is about getting you familiar with the various aspects of communication and exploring how to create an atmosphere that works best for YOU.

Discover practical application of the tools in relationship, business and body harmony.

Are you ready to communicate beyond the limitations of this reality?

Is it time to be the change you know is possible in your world and on the planet?

Join this class and let’s invite this change together.
Some of the areas we explore during the classes are:

  • Creating Access Energy Flows
  • Light & Heavy
  • Body language
  • Out-creating abuse
  • And so much more ...


What is this class?

This is an introduction to some unique approaches to the practical tools of Access Consciousness: how to use them to improve the ways you invite yourself and others to communicate.

In this Introductory class, Kass invites participants to an in depth exploration of how to CREATE ENERGY FLOWS and demonstrates through interactive exercises the different approaches you can take to achieve the results you desire.

In addition, you will learn some basic clearings around communication that will allow you to recognize what you have always known but perhaps have not yet been willing to use or acknowledge.

How it can help me?

This Intro class shows you how to recognize where you, other people and things around you are functioning from.
In particular, by getting better acquainted with how to use the Access Energy Flows and other tools you’ll be able to interact with people in a magical way to achieve the communicative results you desire.

How is structured?

This intro class begins with QUESTIONS.

Access questions help you unlock barriers that don’t allow you to access your knowledge about different ways communication has shown up in your life.

We use the CLEARING statement of Access (www.clearingstatement.com) to open up new possibilities that have not been available before.

Then we play with ENERGY FLOWS to demonstrate examples of common scenarios and show you how easily you can access your communication genius and change the atmosphere.

We end the Intro class with questions, feedback and clearings in order to provide participants with some suggestions on how to use these tools to open up even more in the future.

How long does it last?

Usually the event last 2 hour

Duration :1 day\s

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Kass Thomas

Kass Thomas Facilitator

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