3 STEPS - the journey

Topic: Family

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  1->31 August 2021


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Topic: Family

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This 3 STEPS Program gives you a variety of tools that allow you to choose how to Step In without regret, Step Up and acknowledge the gifts you can be and receive so that you can Step Out of hiding or denial with ease.

1 month of content on the 3 STEPS Journey, an amazing and inspirational program, led by Kass and accompanied by special guests and experts, that share the choices they have made and invite you to explore what choices you can make to have more ease in your relationship with Family.

Freedom of choice allows you to choose what will be the most nurturing and enjoyable approach to Family. There is so much more that unites us than separates us. Is it time to explore different facets of our relationship with parents, children, siblings, partners and their family? 

What new Family bliss would you like to create?


31 Days of Content for you to play with a variety of tools that allow you to acknowledge the gift you can be to create the most nurturing and enjoyable approach to family.

You will always have the recordings, to continue expanding your relationships!

Duration :31 day\s

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Kass Thomas

Kass Thomas Facilitator

This Event will be managed by Kass Thomas (bill.kassthomas@gmail.com)
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