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7steps Prelude

Learn & experience the 7steps

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  29 June 2021

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7steps Prelude

Learn & experience the 7steps

http://maps.google.com/maps?q=Zoomland,Beijing,China Beijing, China. Zoominar Zoomland   Travel tips

  29 June 2021

Have you noticed this? Water in some places or some times tastes sweeter and nourishing than others?

What do the water molecules know?

Do you know that up to 60% of our bodies are made of water... 

If you ever mastered the communication with water molecules--will your bodies become too different?

When I was doing internship at a community clinic as a psychotherapist, I did an experiment. 

I invited a group of people to pour water in each other's cups with gratitudes and kindness--guess what? That was the sweetest dew I've tasted! 

Last week, I went to hot springs with a friend. There was a very hot pool and a very cold pool. For the first time in a long time, I had tasted the pleasure through my whole body of "losing control"... 

And I've been asking: what if I live my life 24/7 with the pleasure of "losing control"?

In this prelude, I will swim you through the molecular 7 steps magic, with water, with YOU. Water is everywhere and you can easily dismiss it. What if we can turn the mediocracy into miraculousness?  







No one does you better than you: begin expanding your range of impact.
This workshop will inspire you to go beyond the traditional methods of communication in order to achieve new levels of connection with others.
Right now you may be right on the tip of an iceberg... are you willing to take the leap?

What is this class

This class is designed to help you go immediately beyond your current spectrum of communicative prowess – in business, relationships, and with the world.
The word “Prelude” means an introductory piece of music, most commonly an orchestral opening to an act of an opera.
Here, it refers to the introduction to each of the easy steps of flawless communication and to an interactive approach on how to play with them in our daily lives.
It is a 1-day workshop that will provide you with the basis to recognize and explore how you can become proficient in your own authentic way of communicating with ease.
The Prelude class is fulfilling by itself and can currently be attended with Kass or a 7steps Teacher, before or after one of the 2-day 7steps workshops with Kass Thomas: 7steps Explosion and 7steps to Abundance.

How can it help me

The workshop leaves you with a new perspective on how you are currently functioning and communicating with others, and provides you with information that allows you to choose a new approach that works better for you.
This gives you a different level of flexibility when it comes to achieving a desired outcome and provides you with a realistic and practical approach to communicate with yourself, your body, other people and the world.
It will change the way you relate to others in all areas of your life, and allow your unique way of being to shine.

How it is structured

Each of the steps will be explained in depth providing the participants the ability to recall and use the steps with great ease on everyday situations by the end of the training.
You will also go over the questions and practical exercises connected to the steps, while being guided into connecting the dots between each question or exercise and real life scenarios.
Time is going to be given to answering participants’ questions, to creating an open discussion and to providing specific feedback and suggestions, which will open the door to new perspectives on who they are and who they are not.

How long does it last

5 hours

Duration :1 day\s

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