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7steps Prelude Teacher

Dr. Sara Maria Alfaro


My name is Sara Maria Alfaro, I am an MD and have worked in integrative medicine for the past 28 years. I am a seeker, always looking for ways to bring new treatments for my patients. And in that search, I found Kass Thomas, literally her program and her energy pulled me and I reached out to meet her. I dove into this beautiful, effective and simple method of the 7steps, and have used it in my life and my work.

And now I am a 7step teacher!!

What can you obtain with these tools? First and foremost you can learn to communicate with your body and know exactly what your body requires to have better health. You can discover new ways to connect with people in your relationships, with your family and friends. And you will discover there is an easier way to flow with your colleagues and staff in your business.

Are you ready to start this new journey?

I teach in English, Spanish and French

Hope to meet you in person or online soon


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