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Yunyi, Unique, Yunyicorn, Yunyidragon... 

Global creator/connector, expressive arts therapist, filmmaker, improvisional artist, translator, world-changer by choosing to be happy

I'm made in China, and the truth is I am an alien on this planet...

For many lifetimes, I made myself wrong for not belonging
7steps has made me realize it's such a unique gift and magic to not belong anywhere and never fit.

I am the first 7steps teacher who offers intro/prelude classes in both English and Chinese (Mandarin and Cantonese), Chinglish with Russian accent as a bonus.

My friend, I have a question for you:
What is that you have been made so wrong is actually your greatest gift?




我屁股后面有个小小的标签“made in China”,实际上是外星来的不明物体






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Kass Thomas

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