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Kass is a woman who has always lived different. She chooses to see that value of each moment and to live it to the fullest. What would it be like for you to find the fullness of life and the joy of living consciously? Join Kass and her class and see how much more there is to the life you would like to live.
Gary Douglas, founder Access Consciousness®

Kass has this special talent of getting you to see what you are capable of, before you have even considered it. Just says it casually but it is actually something that if you are willing to look at it, can open up a whole new world of possibilities that you didnt even know was possible. Thank you so much for the contribution that you are!
Serena Soderi

Hi Kass--A HUGE thank you for your Ease of Living Consciously class - just completed watching it on ACTV. Wow. Just went out beyond words/syntax. Wow. ... OK, here it is: parallel childhoods! profound change! found new pathways in my body during stretching while listening! Please know that the change I experienced during your class is a huge contribution to me & my body. Appreciating the increased vulnerability & enlivenment for more change. Total appreciation for who you are!
Deborah Belcher

I am aware that words will not be sufficient here my hope is the energy comes through. Kass is one of those people who, upon meeting her, you simply know your life has changed - for the better! Kass gracefully holds the space of allowance as I discover the light and dark of me she creates the space where there is no fear or attachment to these discoveries. She recognizes that sweet moment when I acknowledge a long buried piece of me and adeptly lifts me beyond it all and into pure possibility.
And Kass is pure magic in being this for groups as well she holds this space for everyone as we discover and heal our common threads to create the new fabric of our lives.
C. Canada

Once again Kass Thomas demonstrates her powerful, innate ability to translate the complex into the simple in the first tele-call of her new series The Space of Being in Communion with Bodies.
As one example, she zeroed in on the one area everyone just knew they understood, one of the first premises learnt, opened that door wide and let the light of clarity flow. Not fully understood, forgotten or brushed over, she brought on practical comprehension laced with humour in an Ohooo! moment of lightbulbs. This series promises to be Kass Thomas at her best.
Judy, Canada

Watch this woman and you can feel her connection with bodies, it stiumulates sensualness, sexualness, space of awareness. No coaxing it to show up - its there. She walks and BEs it. And you say Ill have some more of that in my life please.
Milica Jelenic

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