Kass Thomas


a evening Taster

Lots of people struggle with being present in their own lives.

They set the bar really high for what consciousness is and what "being present" or "being spiritual" should feel like.

What if it where different than what you thought?

What if it were easier and more gentle?

Would you be willing to have it be easier and more gentle?

Join us as we expand upon what you already have and give up the struggling to adapt someone else's definition of consciousness.

Unveil the consciousness that is already present in you and let's invite more in, together.

Easing into Consciousness is a new class by Rattan Deep and Kass Thomas Partially inspired by the words of Horace Silver

Let me introduce you to yourself. I believe you two have never really met. If you take a little time to get acquainted, you could settle all your differences I bet.' Horace Silver, jazzman

Kass Thomas