Kass Thomas


Say goodby to "awkward" situations for good. Yoo hoo!

What freedom!

Have you ever had a hard time communicating with others?

Knowing the right thing to do or say in any given moment is as easy as changing your underwear.

In this evening class Kass provides simple tools to RECOGNIZE where the communication is blocked and shows you HOW TO UNBLOCK it with ease

In this reality people have a tendency to raise barriers.

They lock others out and have difficulty receiving.

This makes communication difficult at best.

Understanding energy flows helps you recognizing when and where the energy is not flowing and how to get it moving in any situation.

In this evening class, Kass will explain how you can use energy flows to create connections much more easily than with words.

With her practical demonstrations you will see how fast you too can create more in all your interactions.

Having more information about how energy moves allows you, both at work and in relationships with people, to get the best results for you and for others without effort.

  • The best performers all "pull" energy – that’s why we are drawn to them!
  • The worst salesmen "push" energy at us – that’s why we block them!!

Most people assume they can get what they would like by pushing energy at other people. Have you ever noticed how much that pushing energy is NOT an invitation?

You can use energy flows to create everything you would like in your life and business.

You will see examples relating to business, money, performing, kids and more!

How can these tools invite people to engage with what you would most like to create in the world?

Would you be willing to change the world by creating more ease in your and other lives?

These energy flows open up a whole new world for you to explore when relating to others.

You will never be stuck again without knowing what to say or do next.

If there are specific areas of your life whre you want to open up the dialogue (business, personal interactions, family gatherings or meeting new friends) consider a one or two day class in your area:

In her “Buisness&Money” or “Relating to others with ease” classes where Kass uses the energy flows to demonstrate how to efficiently change a variety of situations that one encounters in daily life.

Come to discover how easy it can be ......

Kass Thomas