Kass Thomas
The Space of Being in Communion with Bodies

The Space of Being in Communion with Bodies

Are you present in your body? If your body could talk, what would it say to you?

Most people spend so much time outside of their bodies that they don’t even realize that they are not present.

When you are not present in your body your body is sadder and it drags behind you.

Kass has the ability to invite you to be present by showing you how easy and rewarding it can be.

What contribution could this kind of presence, awarness and attention to your body be for you, your body and the planet?

Most people carry their body around with them as if it were a separate but not equal partner in this dance we call life.

How much information is your body giving you about your environment, other people and the planet?

How much of that information are you willing to receive with ease?

Join me for a delightful and intimate conversation with your closest and dearest ally and friend...your body.

Do you think you might have more fun with your body if you were willing to increase the dialogue?

Our bodies are amazing companions and communicate with us and others all the time.

We also receive information from other people and everything around us and often misidentify that information as pain or nausea or tiredness or....

How much are you willing to allow your body to facilitate you and your exuberant expression of life and living?

Kass Thomas