Kass Thomas
Light or Heavy?

Light or Heavy?


That which is light is always right, that which is a lie is always heavy. Gary M. Douglas Have you ever had trouble making decisions? Knowing what the right choice was for you? Do you spend hours or sometimes days weighing the pros and the cons of a situation before you come to a decision and then always wonder what would have happened had you made another choice?

Light/Heavy is one of the many tools of Access Consciousness which seems to be so simple and easy that many grasp the concept and then stop exploring on how this tool can make their lives easier, more joyful and more fun.

This class invites you to explore how you can discover the difference between the sense of light and heavy and use this tool to generate and create your life as you want to, a life of ease, joy and glory!

During this class we will look at how we can apply light/heavy within different areas of our lives, such as body, money, business and relationships.

This is an exciting and diverse class which is lead by the energy of the participants and you will gain new reminders of awareness that you have and examples of how you can use light/heavy in your life for your amusement.

Many people initially struggle with light and heavy, sure the language makes sense but it's the practical application of it that is unique.

During this call our guests will share their experiences and journeys with the light/heavy tools and how they found methods of using it, and how much easier their lives became afterwards.

Kass will amuse you with her own story of how she struggled with light/heavy (daily testing of 6 months) before she finally experienced it, and will share tools and ways of helping you do that in even less time than that!

Come play in the energy and find your answers with ease.

Kass Thomas