Kass Thomas
Relating to Others with Ease

Relating to Others with Ease

Create better relationships, more money and greater business opporutnities. Duration 2 Day Class

Kass is a master at communication and makes this really really easy on you and your body.

She uses the tools during the class to show you how they work in action.

This is a full two days where you will be working at lunch and during the breaks, meeting with different groups of people, different scenarios to implement the tools acquired in the workshop setting in real life situations:

  • Communicate easily with others and create better relationships
  • More money and greater business opportunities.

There is so much going on anytime two or more people come together that it’s easy to feel uncomfortable and get confused. In this class you learn to recognize familiar patterns and discover some really easy and fast ways to turn around any situation.

In every aspect of our lives we are interacting with other people.

Sometimes it’s easy and sometimes it is not.

The key is not to pannic and we go through that in the class so that you can learn to expand the time you have available to make your next step.

This is a pratctical workshop and we start off learning some amazingly simple tools that you are so familiar with, but have never identified.

Once you recognize them, turning around any situation becomes fun and so much gentler on your body.

Come to this class and play with energy flows, get comfortable recognizing what is going on around you in any situation, conversation, relationship or business and choose how and if you would like to change it.

You will also give enormous relief to you body when you are willing to recognize what energy is flowing through it or slamming up against it.

There are a million reasons we feel uncomfortalbe in situations were we must interact with others.

What if none of those had to be a problem?

At the end of these two days you will have a completely way of interacting with people and be able to put them at ease so that true communicaton can occur.

You will also be able to make them uncomforatble and recognize when someone is trying to do that to you.

With a few simple tools, you will be able to relate to others, in any situation with more ease.

Relating to people is not a formula, it is not a fixed set of steps, it is a collaboration, a co-creation with the people you encounter.

Would you be willing to be that alive in your own life?

This class is about unleashing the amazing interaction guru that you truly are.

Often people are uncomfortable in social settings and prefer to avoid any situation where they will have to talk or be face to face with other people.

What if I told you these situations could be easy?

What if being around people were actually fun and you always knew what to say or not say?

The truth is you have lots to choose from, it is simply a question of recognizing the the many options you have in any situation and knowing what would be most rewarding for you, for the other person and for everyone involved.

What would it be like if you could feel comfortable in any situation and recognized what a gift you are when you are willing to have the ease of communication?

This class is an interactive experiment in uncovering talents you did not even know you had.

Are you ready to ENJOY people and ENJOY you around people?

Kass Thomas