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<p><span style="color:#8e44ad"><strong>7Steps</strong></span>- Prelude Class</p>

7Steps- Prelude Class


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PARIS, FranceL’UNIVERS D’ESTHER 13 Rue des Tournelles Mº Bastille - Sortie Nº7 http://maps.google.com/maps?q=13 Rue des Tournelles Mº Bastille - Sortie Nº7,PARIS,France
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11 October - 25 March 2018
7.30pm- 9.30pm CET

English français

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Beata Swiacka

Beata Swiacka


7Steps- Prelude Class


Introductory Class

HOW TO CHANNEL YOUR ENERGIES AND MAKE YOUR TALENTS WORK FOR YOU Learn how to connect with abundant energies and possibilities of the universe Discover how to recognize them and direct them : How to go with the flow Change the flow Or create the flow when the things got stuck Recognize where you are unique Would you like to change everything what is not working for you? In your life, relationships, work, business, health and more? During Kass’ workshops you will be gently guided into living example how to create your life, relationships, business, health and much more. Each workshop will give you a full set of tools to transform your life with ease, joy and fun, even when life presents its challenges. You will see how to effortlessly include YOU in your own life and business without excluding others. These workshops will explore some of the most profound and stubborn areas of your life with humor and grace. You will have the opportunity to attend 2 Intro workshops – which are the gift for you Workshops: 2017 11th of October 1st STEP What is your unique talent ? Does your life have a purpose? 8th of November 2nd STEP Learn to speak the language of the Universe. Can you hear it? 6th of December 3rd STEP How to receive the contribution from anyone and everything? 2018 31st of January 4th STEP Roles can be fun, are you willing to play? 14th of February 5th STEP Master Level : directing energies. 7th of March 6th STEP Going beyond your comfort zone it with ease. 4th of April 7th STEP Ladies and Gentlemen I present you : YOU ! Stepping up on the stage of your life 25th of April “ESSENCE” Summary and tools how to move forward with your life Registration and payment: http://www.luniversdesther.com/reservations.html

How can you  interact with others to enhance your life experiences and gain more clarity, ease and money?

Recognize and acknowledge your talents, abilities and gifts and put them to work for you to improve your life, living and business.  

This first date with 7Steps will romance you into exploring the ease, excitement and simplicity of connecting with yourself and others.

7Steps Prelude will invite you to play with the steps and uncover one of the most elusive and hard to find elements in most encounters: the magic and uniqueness of you.

When you are present with you and using the 7Steps your communication becomes flawless.

Based on the book by Kass Thomas, 7Steps to Flawless Communication, which shows you how to communicate so that this reality works for you! With small meditations and exercises and tangible tips: 

in English: LINK (available also as ebook LINK )

Duration:166 day\s
Pre-requisites: None