Kass Thomas
<p><span style="color:#999999"><strong>Book Presentation</strong></span>- <strong><span style="color:#8e44ad">7 Steps</span></strong> to Flawless Communication</p>
 SAINT PETERSBURG-Russian Federation
SAINT PETERSBURG-Russian Federation

Book Presentation- 7 Steps to Flawless Communication

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SAINT PETERSBURG, Russian Federation. The Place Power prospekt Dinamo 6 http://maps.google.com/maps?q=prospekt Dinamo 6,SAINT PETERSBURG,Russian Federation
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17 January 2019
19 - 20:30

English Русский

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Kass Thomas

Kass Thomas

Darya Mogilnikova

Darya Mogilnikova

Book Presentation- 7 Steps to Flawless Communication

There is much more that unites us than separates us.

7Steps to Flawless Communication is included in the price

Lower your barriers, quiet your mind, and awaken your communicative genius.

These dynamic free events give audiences a taste of the 7steps approach through interactive conversations and playful scenarios. Presented live and online, Kass Thomas and 7steps Teachers, invite audiences to capture what is possible with communication through these simple steps.

With a duration of approximately 30 minutes, this is an excellent opportunity to experience the 7steps first hand.

Join us around the world and discover quick and easy ways to get present in your life, connect with others and discover YOUR TRUE GENIUS IN COMMUNICATION.

Duration:1 day\s