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Trento, Italy. http://maps.google.com/maps?q=,Trento,Italy
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4 - 7 May 2018
9:30 - 17:30 CET

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Kass Thomas

Kass Thomas

Annamaria Muraglia

Annamaria Muraglia


Beatrice Nicole Claude Petitdemange

Beatrice Nicole Claude Petitdemange


Access The Foundation®

Everything can change. Anything is possible.

Le meraviglie degli strumenti di Access Consciousness

Una chiacchierata aperta a tutti riguardo i cambiamenti possibili prima, durante e dopo ogni classe “Fondazione”.

Guarda il replay della chiamata qui: https://youtu.be/wPOriaVkJq0


Les merveilles des instruments d'Access Consciousness .

On parle tout simplement  des changements possible avant, pendant et après chaque Classe "Fondation"

Ici tu peux voir le replay de l'appel:  https://youtu.be/wPOriaVkJq0

Voici le link pour la traduction en Français: https://spaces.hightail.com/space/kw60NpE7vI

Have you noticed that this reality doesn’t actually work in a way that works for you?

Are you looking for the keys that will unlock the limitations of this reality and allow you to step into infinite possibilities for having everything you truly desire in life?

An invitation from Access Consciousness® founder, Gary Douglas and co-founder Dr. Dain Heer Access Consciousness® is a pragmatic system for functioning in and beyond a world that doesn’t function for you.

By looking at life's issues from a completely different perspective, it becomes easy to change anything.

For anything to be limiting you, you must be functioning from some form of anti-consciousness or unconsciousness.

So what would you like to choose instead?

In Foundation you will begin to see the points of view that limit you and what you can change that would allow you to function from question, choice, possibility, and contribution.

Duration:4 day\s