Kass Thomas
<p><span style="color:#f39c12"><strong>Dancing with Riches</strong></span> <span style="color:#999999">Intro Class</span></p>
 SAINT PETERSBURG-Russian Federation
SAINT PETERSBURG-Russian Federation

Dancing with Riches Intro Class

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SAINT PETERSBURG, Russian Federation. http://maps.google.com/maps?q=,SAINT PETERSBURG,Russian Federation
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18 January 2019
19 - 21 MOSCOW time

English Русский

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Kass Thomas

Kass Thomas

Darya Mogilnikova

Darya Mogilnikova

Dancing with Riches Intro Class

Simple steps to invite more money and success into your business and your life. Now.

Have you ever thought about what is so vital and valuable for you that you cannot imagine living without it?

What is that for you?

During these two hours you will identify your unique approach to everything in your life. We play with energy flows, explore the elements of creation, what’s required and you begin to realize what part of business is easy for you, what you are good at when it comes to business and life and relationships.

You will see how to effortlessly include YOU in your own life and business without excluding others.

How much more can you generate and create in your life and business when you are being true to you and having fun?

Duration:1 day\s