Kass Thomas
Kass Thomas

Who I Am

My Name is Kass Thomas, I am a Certified Facilitator of Access Consciousness®

I've been travelling around the world for ten years doing workshops and facilitating groups and individuals. For a while now I have realized that my ability to communicate with people goes beyond the norm, it's a talent.

A talent that has allowed me to travel with a growing sense of hope for what is truly possible when someone demands a change in their life and has the courage to follow it through.

I worked for years for multinational companies in New York City, started my own theatre there and years later a film production company of my own in Italy.

Lots of work, play and life in between: I have hired, been hired, fired and been fired, married, divorced and married again.

And you know what?
I have never had less than five ideas about different ways to change any situation that wasnt working for me.

That too is a talent and it is also a way of looking at life to which I invite everyone I meet. There is nothing we cannot change if we are willing to look at what is working, what isnt, ask some questions and be willing to do what it takes to transform the situation.

That is what I do, that is who I am and that is my invitation to everyone I meet and work with . When we are doing that, being that, we encourage others to do and be the same and things get a lot more fun. Work becomes play and change becomes a constant and that is a contribution to everyone and everything around us.

It fills me with joy to watch how quickly & easily someone can start creating more in their life, with their body and their financial situation just by choosing to do so.

What gifts and talents do you have that come so easily to you that you dont even consider them valuable?
Your business, relationships, investments, happiness and the planet are all in the balance. What do you choose?

What can I add to my life today that would create more right away?

This is one of my favourite questions.

...and I have about 57 other favourite questions too.

Kass Thomas

What I Do

I am a walking talking demonstration of how to communicate with ease:
with yourself, with others, with your body, your business and the world at large.

Through questions, verbal clearings, energetic body work and practical demonstrations and role playing, I invite people to look at the various areas of their lives, their daily activities, relationship and work, from a new and proactive perspective.

I believe that when you are truly willing to take a look at what you desire, recognize what is working for you and what is not, that alone allows you step into a whole new arena.
Then if you have the courage to choose what works for you,the joy, fun and wealth come to you with ease.

I offer private sessions, group training and workshops on a variety of topics using many of the pragmatic tools of Access Consciousness, my ease in communicating and my years of business and living experience.
I empower people to recognize what they know about moving forward and enjoying a healthier approach to living, working and relating with ease.

My workshops include topics such as:

Communion with your body
Intimacy with Money...
Relating to others with Ease
Ease and Amusement of Living Consciously
Light or Heavy
Energy flows
Access Classes:
3 Day Body class
Body Process classes
How to Become Money
Energy Flows
Creator, Connector, Mover

Kass Thomas

Connect with Kass:

Kass Thomas is a Certified Facilitator of Access Consciousness®. For more information please visit:


Kass Thomas Access Consciousness®

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